Embrace Sportz Launches Aspiring Sports Leaders Program to Train Students Beyond the Field

Embrace Sportz, an organization dedicated to empowering Detroit’s youth, has unveiled its Aspiring Sports Leaders Program, signaling a significant step towards cultivating sports business proficiency among young individuals.

Spearheaded by twin brothers Shaka and Menachem Dukes, Embrace Sportz is committed to fostering sports participation and land revitalization in underserved areas while championing equity in sports and agriculture.

The Aspiring Sports Leaders Program stands as a cornerstone initiative within Embrace Sportz’s Comprehensive Youth Development Initiative, offering participants a comprehensive and enriching immersion into the business aspects of sports.

Spanning 34 weeks, this program is meticulously crafted to equip students with the skills and confidence necessary for prosperous careers in sports administration, effectively bridging the gap between theoretical learning and practical industry demands.

“We’re excited to introduce our Aspiring Sports Leaders Program, highlighting tailored education and career paths for Detroit’s youth,” said Shaka and Menachem Dukes, Co-Founders of Embrace Sportz. “This program expands students’ horizons, exposing them to diverse opportunities in the sports industry.”

Scheduled to commence at University Prep Science & Math in April, the inaugural cohort of 20 students will have the unique opportunity to glean insights from professional athletes, front office executives, and other sports industry professionals through this innovative and interactive program.

Jerry Lawrence, Principal of University Prep Science & Math, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with Embrace Sportz, emphasizing the program’s potential to illuminate the myriad career avenues available behind the scenes in sports.

“Oftentimes, our kids seek to find success on the fields and courts, but we know there is a more sustainable pathway to success within careers that support athletes and sports. We look forward to seeing what comes from this partnership,” Lawrence added.

In conjunction with the Aspiring Sports Leaders Program, Embrace Sportz offers an array of programs catering to children of all ages. Collaborating with institutions such as Detroit Achievement Academy, GOAL Line Detroit, Detroit Preparatory Academy, SAY Detroit, and GESU School, Embrace Sportz delivers in-school and after-school initiatives promoting sports engagement, academic reinforcement, and character cultivation.

Embrace Sportz’s athletic programs provide accessible avenues for metro Detroit youth to participate in various sports, fostering physical wellness and character development. These programs emphasize inclusivity and skill enhancement across disciplines such as soccer, lacrosse, track and field, cross-country, basketball, flag football, tennis, boxing, and rowing.

Additionally, Embrace Sportz is at the forefront of STEM education, igniting a passion for innovation and problem solving. Their summer camp blends athletic and STEM pursuits with an environmental appreciation, instilling values of teamwork, leadership, and environmental stewardship.

For further details regarding the Aspiring Sports Leaders Program and other offerings by Embrace Sportz, visit their website at https://www.embracesportz.org.

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