Duggan Deserves Our Support To Lead City Back To Prosperity



Detroit voters have spoken loud and clear, selecting Mike Duggan to serve as their next mayor. While the recent mayoral campaign was often filled with contentious twists and turns, the election is over and it’s now time for all Detroiters to stand with our new mayor.

If you were not a Duggan supporter, get over it…and quick, because he must be given a fair opportunity to lead our city out of its present state of flux — punctuated by crime, high unemployment, decaying neighborhoods, bankruptcy and a reigning emergency manager.

We have far too many problems in our city to be further hampered by political differences and petty politics. This is truly a crisis situation and we need “all hands on deck.” Duggan won’t be able to do it alone; he will need vast cooperation from all citizens, community groups, corporate entities, and other coalitions of pro-Detroiters.

As publisher of the Michigan Chronicle, I congratulate mayor-elect Duggan and offer him my support in moving Detroit forward. I also call on all Detroit media outlets to use their print and electronic platforms to help our new mayor convey to the world news stories about the many positive things that are to come — and already occurring — in our city.

Far too often, the only stories that emanate from the Motor City are ones that cast a negative light on the city.

While the historic election of Duggan has made world news — he is the first caucasian mayor to serve the Motor City in 40 years — his claim to fame must be more than a few paragraphs in history books. He must galvanize a city that has major problems, many of which have been decades in the making.

By various news reports, Duggan will soon approach Gov. Snyder and EM Kevyn Orr to discuss restoring mayoral control to the city of Detroit, making Orr’s tenure as EM short-lived. Hopefully, he will find success. But to be truly successful, Duggan must also forge an alliance with City Council.

I am hopeful that he will unveil and implement his comprehensive plan to help Detroiters find jobs —lots of them. His jobs plan would be welcomed sooner, rather than later.

I am also anxiously waiting to see his public safety plan in action so that the streets of Detroit will become safer for us all.

During a face-to-face editorial meeting at the Michigan Chronicle’s office during the campaign season, Duggan told our reporters, “I’ve worked every day in this city for the last 32 years. I’ve been honest with every group of voters that I’ve met with. I’ve asked them to see if my ties and my love for Detroit are sufficient enough for them to vote for me…because I can identify with and fix the problems of Detroiters.”

The voters have made the decision that Duggan’s ties and love for Detroit are sufficient. Like many Detroiters, and perhaps others around the world, I will be rooting for Duggan to be the change that Detroit needs.

Let’s stand with him and give him every opportunity to lead this city back to greatness now. Rooting for Mike Duggan is rooting for Detroit.

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