Down for the Qulture: Community-Minded Cannabis Product Shop Launches Online   

Anqunette Q Sarfoh’s profile is growing her cannabis empire.   


Anqunette Q Sarfoh is changing the game in the cannabis business while growing her empire along the way.  

Sarfoh, the owner and founder of Qulture, an online company, is hitting the ground running in the fight to “de-stigmatize cannabis for nearly a decade,” according to her website. “Qulture exists to promote authentic CBD and cannabis education, and we regularly hold events that bring our community together.”  

Qulture is dedicated to providing events that bring the cannabis community together – both virtually and in person.   

“We create an online space that allows like-minded, canni-curious people to connect. Qulture begins and ends each month by gathering our community for a time of health, healing, reflection and connection,” according to the company. “We want to change the narrative on CBD products so that you can experience hope and healing.”  

Qulture is an online CBD shop that conveniently ships products throughout the United States. However, for the faces behind Qulture, the passion for CBD and cannabis follows wherever they go.  

The Qulture team works every day to reinvent the image of cannabis by reflecting the vibrant culture of its local community, from headquarters in Michigan to the Midwest and beyond. Qulture is a way of life, not just a CBD shop.  

Its mission is to reimagine cannabis by reflecting the vibrant culture in community in order to inspire the fusion of lifestyle and wellness. Traditional cannabis products are high in sugar and can contain questionable ingredients.  

Qulture was founded to provide healthier alternatives.   

Sarfoh said that the cannabis industry is “vastly underrepresented” for Black women and she said this segment was not a “target market” for a long time.  

She is forging her own green path — trailblazing among other Black women in the local cannabis industry doing the thing every day.    

White men have disproportionately dominated this field for years. But don’t worry, she is claiming her own lane.  

“The industry still has a lot of work to do, to think about the woman consumer and how they prioritize and support the woman consumer,” she said, adding that as a consumer and business person, there are multiple perspectives to think about.  

Former Fox 2 Detroit Anchor Anqunette “Q” Sarfoh ,co-founder of BotaniQ, the provisioning center and dispensary in Detroit (resold and renamed), is an advocate for the safe use of marijuana for health reasons after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2013.   

In 2016, she began publicly supporting the movement to legalize recreational marijuana for adults over 21 in Michigan.  

Sarfoh became increasingly aware of the disproportionate prosecution of minorities for marijuana criminalization after reaping the benefits of medical marijuana, as well as the limited number of ailments for which medical marijuana was legal.   

“So, it’s really important for us to open up any opportunity at the table with us,” she said, adding that there needs to be an increased representation of women. “It’s about creating — creating access within your organizations and not looking at it as competition but rather something that will strengthen the industry at large. And then I think we as women really have to network and stick together because there is lack of resources, lack of support for us within the industry.”  

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