Detroit Photographer Teaches Kids Skills, Life Lessons with Summer Photo Camp

For more than three decades, Monica Morgan has been living life through the lens, recording captivating moments and telling stories from a unique perspective through her camera lens.

When she’s not documenting historic events in and around Detroit, Morgan focuses on passing down the skills she’s acquired to local youth through her Picture Me Academy. Earlier this month, she celebrated the graduation of her Picture Me Academy students at Detroit Service Learning Academy.

Picture Me Academy is a summer program sponsored by BUF of Michigan that helps students in developing their photography skills through a series of activities and assignments with a focus on helping them see the beauty in themselves and their photos.

Photo Credit Monica Morgan Photography


Morgan said that students can do things in photography that showcases the natural beauty of things around them.

“This class helps them bring out the happiness, the inner child, to let them know that through positive affirmations they can do anything in life,” she said, adding that the class is all about helping students become more self-confident and empowered.

One assignment required the students to take selfies and explore the best ways to present themselves. During the graduation ceremony, these photos were placed on a cake for their families to see.

Upon completion of the course, each student receives a digital camera, a camera bag, and a notebook to document things they take away from the photography lessons they learn. Students are also able to walk away with pictures for their portfolio, which serve as an important tool in proving their proficiency in photography.

Photo Credit Monica Morgan Photography


The students and their families were surprised by notable Detroiters such as Dr. Linda McClain, The Honorable Coleman Young II, as well as Ken Donaldson the President and CEO of the Black United Fund of Michigan. The students also received a letter of acknowledgment from Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist II.

Morgan has built a portfolio over the years with notable figures in Black history, from Nelson Mandela, Ray Charles, Muhammed Ali, and many others. She also serves as a for-hire photographer for Michigan Chronicle.

The information the students received is invaluable and will be something that they can use in the years to come. Detroit is a city filled with an amazing history and Morgan has captured many historical moments that have shaped the world we live in today. In addition to the kids getting valuable life skills, the class reminds us that photography is an incredible tool that can tell

stories that sometimes words are unable to capture. Each student that participated in the summer class has an incredible start to a career in photography. If you are interested in learning more about the Picture Me Academy, visit her Instagram to reach out to her directly for more information on the next summer program that will be offered.

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