Detroit NAACP Freedom Weekend provides lessons in economics

Detroit Water ShutoffsMayor Mike Duggan surprised a crowd of eager onlookers at the Detroit Branch NAACP with an in depth finance lesson on the reason Detroit auto insurance rates are exorbitantly high. Detroit’s fiscally astute mayor delved into a full blown Power Point presentation to identify multiple factors affecting insurance rates for Detroiters, and support proposed legislation to establish the D-Insurance plan, which would which would save Detroit drivers about $1,000 in the first year of the plan.
“Detroiters spend on average $3,400 for insurance, compared to $1,700 for car insurance in the suburbs … I just want you to have an option,” Duggan said to the stunned but supportive participants of the NAACP’s ‘Power Economics Luncheon’ luncheon on Friday at Fellowship Chapel on the city’s west side. The event was part of a series of events hosted by the Detroit Branch NAACP during its annual Freedom Institute.
Throughout Duggan’s presentation luncheon attendees gasped and responded with shocked faces at the mayor’s masterful approach to breaking down the economics of insurance rates and how they are deliberately inflated to gouge Detroiters and maximize auto and accident insurance costs.
“Fifty percent of the drivers in [Detroit] are driving without insurance, that means we have turned have the drivers in this city into lawbreakers as a result of this [insurance] program,” Duggan said.
At the conclusion of Duncan’s lesson in insurance rates, luncheon participants responded with a resounding show of support for the administration’s proposed D-Insurance plan, and NAACP president Rev. Wendell Anthony reiterated the civil rights organization’s unanimous support for the legislation which is to be sponsored in Lansing by state Sen. Virgil Smith.
“The NAACP has been working on this issue for years, and if we can help our folks get insurance and we can break some rates down in Detroit that’s going to impact everybody,” Anthony added.
“This is what Freedom Weekend is about. It is essentially an opportunity to bring people together, policy makers, and community people in all of the areas we need to be concerned about … jobs, education, safety and security in our local neighborhoods. We are really working to put ‘neighbor’ back into neighborhoods,” explained Anthony.
Esteemed guests at the NAACP Freedom Institute ‘Power Economics Luncheon included Wayne Community College chancellor Dr. Curtis Ivory, Michigan City of Detroit deputy director Henry Haygood, Real Times Media CEO and Michigan Chronicle publisher Hiram Jackson, FOX 2 News’ Murray Feldman and Rev. Jim Holley, pastor of Little Rock Baptist Church.

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