Detroit Metropolitan Airport Unveils DTW Rewards, A Comprehensive Loyalty Program

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW) has announced the launch of DTW Rewards, an innovative loyalty program aimed at rewarding travelers and visitors alike. The program, which is free to join, offers an array of benefits including gift cards, airline miles, and cash back on purchases made at the airport.

Prospective members can easily sign up for DTW Rewards at no charge by visiting or through a prompt upon connecting to the airport’s Wi-Fi. Upon registration, customers can link their credit or debit card accounts, allowing them to start accumulating points for every dollar spent not only at DTW’s nearly 100 retail and dining outlets but also at over 100 other participating airports.

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW) has earned the distinction of being the number one ranked mega airport in North America, a testament to its exceptional standards in service, amenities, and operational efficiency. This ranking is particularly significant considering the rigorous criteria used to evaluate such facilities, including passenger satisfaction, terminal cleanliness, security processes, and the availability of dining and shopping options. DTW’s top position is reflective of its continuous efforts to enhance the traveler experience, evident in its expansive terminal layouts, streamlined security procedures, and a wide array of passenger services. The airport’s commitment to maintaining a high-quality environment is further supported by its recent innovations, such as the DTW Rewards program, which leverages real-time passenger feedback to make data-driven improvements. This focus on customer experience and operational excellence ensures that DTW not only meets but often exceeds the expectations of its travelers, thereby reinforcing its status as a leading airport in the competitive North American market.

“DTW Rewards will give our customers another reason to enjoy our nearly 100 shops and restaurants at the number one ranked mega airport in North America,” said Wayne County Airport Authority CEO Chad Newton. “We pride ourselves on delivering an excellent customer experience at DTW. This program will provide us with data to help make our airport even better.” 

The development of DTW Rewards was made possible through a partnership with Thanks Again, LLC, utilizing their GlidePathCX platform. This platform is designed to provide real-time customer insights and feedback, enhancing the ability to respond to traveler needs effectively.

“We are excited to partner with Detroit Metro Airport in order to measurably boost the passenger experience using actual acquired insights and data,” said GlidePathCX CEO Marc E. Ellis. “We give the passenger a voice that benefits both the Detroit Metro Airport and its loyal customers.” 

DTW Rewards extends its membership to the general traveling public, airport employees, and holders of the DTW Destination Pass. This pass allows non-ticketed visitors access to the airport’s Evans and McNamara terminals on the same day, broadening the scope of who can benefit from the program.

With DTW Rewards, Detroit Metropolitan Airport not only seeks to reward its patrons but also aims to refine its offerings and customer service, ensuring a pleasant and rewarding airport experience for all.

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