Detroit Libraries Offer Help To Students

Metro-Detroit libraries know COVID-19 has altered the 2020-2021 school year and they’re here to help. 


Equipped with books covering a wide range of topics,  Michigan librarians are able to assist students and parents sign-out the necessary items for school assignments.


“When your third-grader has to do a report on the solar system, we can have books ready for you in 15 minutes. If your sixth-grader needs ideas for a science project we have you covered,” said Katie Ester, Shelby Township Library Director.


The resources don’t stop there. Patrons can also utilize the technology available; students learning a foreign language, studying for standardized tests, or seeking tutoring services can receive aid from their local library. 


“Your child logs onto that software and says, ‘I need help with 4th grade math.’ They are paired up with a tutor, they can share screens, they can chat live,” said Ester. “That tutor will help them complete homework assignments, prepare for exams, just get through a really hard chapter. You can even drop off writing assignments, they’ll be corrected and critiqued and sent back to you the same day.”


Technological resources are growing in popularity. Students are checking out  chrome books, kindles, iPads, and laptops as methods of learning. 


On-the-go students or those without great internet access also have the opportunity to make good use of technology with the help of a Wifi hotspot. 


“Your virtual learners want to go to grandma’s cabin for a weekend, they take this with them, they have Internet access,” said Ester. “Or maybe you’re finding that the  bandwidth at home he’s getting really tight you’ve got three kids all simultaneously learning at home and then mom and dad are on Zoom meetings can bring this home if you can bring this home and it instantly extends your bandwidth.”


Students and parents interested in utilizing their library’s resources are urged to call their local library for further information.

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