‘Detroit is Real, Detroit is You:’ Face FX Founder Believes in a Beautiful City, its People, One Makeup Palette at a Time  

Native Detroiter Phoebe Scott, left, is the CEO and founder of FaceFX by Phoebe Scott. FaceFX’s DETROIT Palette, pictured, right, was developed in March and inspired by the resilience and strength of Detroiters, the city, and its neighborhoods.

Photo provided by Phoebe Scott


Detroit resident Phoebe Scott, 27, relishes in all things beautiful.

As the founder and owner of Detroit-based FaceFX by Phoebe Scott, she is all in when it comes to making others look beautiful, and she’s bringing her city with her every step of the way.

Her company [established in 2015] and launched last year, is cosmetic service and product-based and provides makeup services, enhancement conferences, and one on one sessions, according to her website. The company’s mission is to provide high quality, superior, timeless, and innovative cosmetic products and services for everyone, according to FaceFX’s website https://www.thefacefx.com.


“I wanted my clients to know beauty within themselves,” Scott told the Michigan Chronicle, adding that she wears multiple hats with her company including web designer, social media manager, quality assurance manager, creative content director, and more.


And though she is living in her passion right now of being in the business of beauty, her journey [navigating during the pandemic nonetheless] was an uphill one this year.


Due to the pandemic, she lost her high-level executive assistant job in March and Scott was going to call it quits to her beauty company.


“I never lost my job before,” Scott said, adding that she was a little down when she spoke to her friend about selling her company or putting a pause on it. That is when her friend told her that she shouldn’t, but rather pivot with it. “He said, ‘You need to start producing more product; you need to get on it.’”


Scott added that she was reluctant at first but she listened and sat down and started writing things about Michigan, being raised in Detroit, and the like.


“Growing up in Detroit they always say there is something in the water,” Scott said laughing. “There is a bold resilience we have and carry … I can accomplish whatever — I am from Detroit.”


Scott said that because of that grit and tenacity, she was inspired to launch a DETROIT Palette through her company.


“I grew up on the westside of Detroit,” she said, adding that the palette was inspired by her knowing the city’s neighborhoods, the people, and all of the ever-evolving city. “And not just the good parts people talk about. That is what the palette is about.”

She added that the palette exemplifies that “we’re all in the same boat” and anything can be done despite challenges.


“We’re strengthened by that; we are Detroit, you are Detroit,” she said adding that there is beauty in the struggle and not knowing. “But being certain that I am going to make it through.”


Scott, who also does weekly makeup tutorials on Facebook, appreciates her customers [those who live in Detroit and beyond], especially her early customer and childhood friend, Hollywood starlet, Jude Demorest.


“I’ve known Phoebe since we were kids,” Demorest said. “We grew up in church [Perfecting Church] together, in school together. Fashion and beauty were always her passion … I always expected this from her. [It is] amazing to see her grow into her purpose; she stayed close to God and trusted her plan in her life.”


Demorest, an actress, is well known for her roles in Dallas and Star, said that she supports Scott by wearing her products, and telling other makeup artists about Scott’s beauty line.


“Every product she’s put out is amazing and it is easy for me to support it and encourage other people to support the product,” Demorest said. “Supporting Black-owned businesses has always been important to me. Growing up in Detroit that was just a common thing we did. If we knew that somebody in our church opened up a … business we made sure to go out of our way to support our community.


Demorest added that she loves “seeing her win.


“Because I know the challenges [for her]. She’s not just a woman business owner but a Black businesswoman from Detroit — three things she’s had to navigate … I’m blown away,” Demorest said.


For more information go to https://www.thefacefx.com/ and find “Thefacefx” on Facebook.


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