Delta Dental – A Force for Good in Ohio

Oral health is not an isolated issue. 

It’s connected to public health, education and economic development, and thus confounded by many underlying issues including poverty, unequal access to health care and educational opportunity. 

Delta Dental’s mission is to improve oral health, but they are driven to make a greater impact by investing in initiatives that build healthy, smart, vibrant communities for all.  

They partner with movers and shakers to enact change one community at a time, and in Ohio, Delta Dental invests in events and initiatives that draw talent to the state and empower the leaders of tomorrow. 

On top of partnerships with Team NEO, Junior Achievement and College Now, Delta Dental is a two-time, proud sponsor of Black Tech Week, a weeklong conference in Cincinnati that connects founders of color, women, disabled and LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs with the resources their businesses need to thrive. 

Held in July with thousands of attendees, 100 speakers and 60 workshops, Black Tech Week put Cincinnati at center stage for brilliant minds to connect and collaborate.  

“Delta Dental proudly sponsored Black Tech Week to reinforce our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in all of our markets,” said Margaret Trimer, vice president of strategic partnerships. 

The event is managed by Lightship Foundation, with which Delta Dental previously worked to buoy minority entrepreneurs through funding, mentoring and technical support. 

An abbreviated, spin-off version of Black Tech Week – Black Tech Weekend – is headed to Detroit in October with continued sponsorship from Delta Dental.

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