Curtis Roach Takes ‘Bored in the House’ to New Heights 

Bored ithe House creator Curtis Roach (left) and Real Times Media’s Andre Ash (right). 


In 2020, the world did what it could to stay entertained.


Thanks to social media, the task was made easier. During the pandemic, content curators began to emerge by the masses. Through a newer social media platform, TikTok, new dance sensations were created and a catchy song provided the soundtrack for bored fans everywhere. Reaching mainstream success, this song received more than 47 million views on the app and has been streamed more than 38 million times on Spotify alone.  


Becoming the unofficial anthem for quarantine, “Bored in the House” quickly swept social media users up and never looked back. The catchy tune quickly grew in popularity with the help of social site TikTok. Users played the song as a backdrop to various videos depicting themselves being bored and growing restless from the nation’s lockdown. The site is used by many curators, particularly Black, who create choreography and buzz around new songs and viral content. Curtis Roach, the voice of the record, is a Detroit native and made the song from accidental genius. Known to make songs up on the spot, the creation of “Bored in the House” was a tune simply made up out of boredom.  


“That day was just one of those days I was sitting in the house and I had nothing on my agenda. I didn’t have to go to school or work or anything and I was like ‘okay let’s make a video out of this,’” says Roach.  


The onset of the pandemic sent shockwaves throughout the world. This artist, who was a familiar user on TikTok, used his last paycheck for housing at the beginning of the pandemic. Not knowing the sacrifice would pay off, at a point, the star had limited funds for meals.  


“Before, it was like doing music and nothing was shaking how I wanted it to shake and it was kind of like a thing where I was getting paid off music, but it wasn’t like big time. I remember that March [2020] when stuff started happening, I had just paid my rent, it was the beginning of March and I only had $12 bucks to get the next meal,” says Roach.  


While other artists had begun to use the app to promote songs and had achieved success, once the Detroit artist uploaded the short clip, “Bored in the House” became the song to beat.  

Stunned by the video’s success, the artist began to receive notoriety for his video and song. Pairing up with west coast rapper Tyga, the song’s remix, like the original, became an instant success. However, it was the other users on the app who helped launch the tune into orbit.  


“That moment was like an infectious little rhythm and people needed that at the time,” says Roach. “That first week that it was out, I didn’t even pay attention to the video. I think when people were inside, they just needed that and it was a beautiful moment for me because I’m a musical before anything. If people are enjoying themselves, then I can’t be mad at that.” 


Major labels caught wind and offered deals to the emerging star. Wanting to stay true to his musical roots, the artist decided to forego the record deals and continue making music independently.  


“At first it was overwhelming and I had a bunch of options in front of me at that moment. I was independent before and I had this option, I could be part of this major deal or something and I took a step back to decide where I wanted to go with it and I decided to be independent,” says Roach 


As the song continued to rise in fame, the artist had a noble plan for his earnings. Buying his late grandmother’s home before it was lost to his family, the artist was able to keep the heirloom and his grandmother’s memory alive 


“I feel very blessed to even do that. I get tripped out because of it. That was a special moment because everything aligned,” says Roach.  


More than one year since the song’s release and this musician is remaining focused on developing new music and the release of an upcoming album. Fans looking for the same TikTok music that helped the artist breakthrough will be shown a different side.  


“My album is coming out and I did a good job in not trying to emulate that. I feel like if I was to do that, I wouldn’t be having fun,” says Roach.  


Musically noting A Tribe Called Quest as one of his favorite bands, even adorning a tattoo, the musician also mentions Chance the Rapper and Childish Gambino as among his inspirations. The artist plans to give fans hip-hop and stay true to his form of artistry.  



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