City of Atlanta Adopts Historic Clean Energy Plan

The City of Atlanta Council passed Resolution No. 18-R-3783 adopting a plan to transition the City of Atlanta to 100% clean energy by 2035.

The City’s 100% clean energy plan provides benefits community wide, creating local jobs, reducing electricity bills, providing public health savings, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and increasing gross regional product.

“The City of Atlanta’s adoption of its 100% Clean Energy Plan is a bold step by the City’s leadership to improve the lives of all Atlantans,” said Amol Naik, Chief Resilience Officer. “This commitment to 100% clean energy by 2035 places Atlanta at the forefront of American cities. Atlanta’s clean energy vision will advance some of the City’s most critical goals, from improving affordability by decreasing energy bills, to creating jobs, improving air quality and public health, and stimulating economic development. Atlanta is a growing city, and this pledge to a clean energy future will help the city continue to thrive, and lead, in an equitable and sustainable manner.”

The Mayor’s Office of Resilience worked in partnership with City departments and external community stakeholders to develop a plan to transitions the city to 100% clean energy that prioritizes affordable and equitable access to clean energy through ownership and benefits to new opportunity for historically marginalized communities.

The City is committed to making the investment in this goal for its municipal operations and encourages the local community to join in helping Atlanta achieve a 100% clean energy future.

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