Chris Brown blasts Royalty’s grandmother for demanding $15K a month

Chris Brown went off on what can be called a “civilized” rant after his baby mama Nia reportedly demanded $15,000 a month to care for their 1-year-old child Royalty.
After she denied that she asked for that amount and tried to claim she was not a gold-digger, Nia’s mother jumped into the fray and said Royalty does need a significant dividends per month to subsidize Royalty’s security and enable the child and mother to live in a gated community.
That’s when Breezy popped into the mix and said he didn’t feel like engaging in infantile antics today:
But Breezy must have taken the time to think about it because he went off on a civil rant — considering this is Chris Brown — and set his baby mama and her mother straight on what the real is. Take a look:

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