Chayla Beason 

Chayla Beason
Director of Medicare Advantage Coordination of Care program.
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Chayla Beason is a Southwest Detroit native, who came from very humble beginnings. She attended Martin Luther King Jr. High School in Detroit and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology from University of Detroit Mercy and Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Walsh College. At the age of 29, Chayla started her own business providing opportunities to over 40 contractors & employees, managing over 1,400 properties in Michigan for various banks. As a young entrepreneur with a strong belief in giving back, Chayla also mentored other young entrepreneurs, contributed start-up capital to several entrepreneurs and shared her knowledge as a keynote speaker at various engagements. Recognized for her tenacity, demand for excellence, business acumen and ability to deliver results, Chayla has also made a name for herself in the health care industry. She has been offered several executive level positions in the healthcare industry and has held several upper leadership positions within Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, where as a Director, she currently leads Medicare Advantage Coordination of Care program.



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