Chance the Rapper Premieres His Concert Film “Magnificent Coloring World.”

Chance the Rapper premiered his concert film ‘Magnificent Coloring World last night with a VIP event at Chicago’s River East AMC Theater. Photo courtesy of Black Press USA NNPA

By Ali Bouldin, Contributing Writer

Chance the Rapper premiered his concert film ‘Magnificent Coloring World last night with a VIP event at Chicago’s River East AMC Theater. “Most premieres happen in L.A,” says Chance. “I wanted to do something for my people, so, they can experience something like this.”

Chance the Rapper Magnificent Coloring World Chicago DefenderDirected by Jake Schreier and produced by Chance’s ‘House of Kicks, the film highlights Chance the Rapper’s ground-breaking Magnificent Coloring World Tour. Distributing the film independently, Chance the Rapper says he is “extremely” happy and “proud” of himself.

“I’ve never imagined it would happen,” said the Grammy Award-winning artist. Thank you, AMC, and thank you to everyone who made this concert, this film, and this partnership possible.

Chance, a native of Chicago’s Southside, is the only artist to distribute a movie through AMC Theaters. “Chance’s love for the cinemas made this partnership a no-brainer,” says Adam Aron, CEO of AMC Theaters. “We couldn’t be happier to bring his vision to the big screen.”

Filmed a few years ago, Chance the Rapper said he originally junked the project but during the pandemic, he learned a lot about film editing. “I’m real big on the cinematic experience, says Chance the Rapper. “During the pandemic. I started doing virtual concerts and filming them remotely. I tried to film each piece individually and in doing that, I learned a lot about cinema, like cinematography, lighting, and editing. I filmed this four years ago and canned it but because I learned a lot of stuff, I decided to take a whack at editing it. I’m extremely happy with the finished product.”

The star-studded event featured appearances from Chicago rapper Vic Mensa and pop superstar Justin Bieber. ‘Magnificent Coloring World’ premieres on the 5th anniversary of’ Color Book, Chance the Rapper’s award-winning mixtape. ‘Color Book’ earned him three Grammy awards including Best New Artist, Best Rap Performance for ‘No Problem,’ and Best Rap Album. The Grammy wins ultimately made Chance the Rapper a permanent fixture in the hip-hop culture. ‘Magnificent Coloring World’ is scheduled to hit AMC Theaters nationwide Summer of 2021.


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