Celebrate Women’s History Month at Shinola Hotel with a Female-Forward Art Collection

(Artist Tiff Massey. Photo credit: Jessica Malek)

Shinola Hotel, a downtown Detroit boutique haven, is inviting guests to immerse themselves in a celebration of Women’s History Month. This March, the hotel’s impressive art collection, curated by the local, primarily female-led gallery Library Street Collective (directed by JJ Curis), takes center stage.

The collection showcases works by renowned female artists like Tiff Massey, Margo Wolowiec, and Beverly Fishman. Guests can admire these pieces throughout the hotel’s Living Room, a vibrant space that welcomes visitors and Detroit residents alike. Feel free to snag a seat and catch up on work, or unwind with a happy hour drink after a long day, all while surrounded by inspiring works created by talented women.

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