Caldwell's tenure with the Lions comes to an end

Mike McCarthy and Jim Calswell embrace after the game. December 31, 2017 at Ford Field in Detroit Sean Hackney

Detroit- Jim Caldwell was relieved of his duties as coach of the Detroit Lions on Monday. His firing had been a major topic of conversation around the Detroit sports world and nationally. Caldwell who was given a one year extension after the second game of the season, seemed destine to have at least one more year to take the Lions to the next level. What that extension turned out to be was a ploy by GM Bob Quinn to quell the chatter about his future job security, and evaluate the situation at the end of the season.
The dismissal of Caldwell comes after four years at the helm of the Lions and a record of 36-28. Caldwell record with the Lions puts him among the most successful coaches in team history. In those years the Lions made the playoffs twice and came up short this year, which seemed to seal his fate.  Caldwell  who was known around the league as a players’ coach was well liked and respected among the Loins’ players’.  Unfortunately being  respected and liked are fine, but the problem with that is, those things don’t keep any coach employed in the NFL.  Ultimately Quinn looked at the situations and felt a change was needed.
When Quinn addressed the media on Monday he spoke openly about his decision.  Quinn said “At the end of the day, we want to take this team to the next level and that’s on me.” “The search of the new head coach will be thorough and will include multiple candidates.” One thing for sure is that whoever Quinn hires will be his choice unlike Caldwell who was in place when he took over.  So going forward, whatever the Lions become will be totally on Quinn. So here’s to hoping he chooses correctly, because only God knows how bad the Fans’ want to see the Lions in a Super Bowl someday soon.

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