Breast cancer survivor writes book to help others cope with their diagnosis

In 2010, Margin Wilson was diagnosed with breast cancer after a routine mammogram. Due to this diagnosis, it inspired her to write her book, “It’s Not The End of the World: Life Lessons of a Breast Cancer Survivor,” with the purpose to encourage others who have experienced or are experiencing a similar illness. Wilson was inspired to write her book from the words she heard after she was diagnosed with cancer.

“I’m sorry, dear, you have cancer.” “It felt like her world had ended,” Wilson explained. “I want to share my story of what I went  through with others who might get that same diagnosis. I want others to know how I dealt with it. Also, in going through that period in my life, it made me a better person.”

Wilson credits her faith in God for getting her through that devastating phone call at work from her nurse. “From the onset, when I got the call at work, I needed his strength to help me through that Monday morning. He sent coworkers to give me comfort and encouragement; he put scriptures in my heart, specifically Psalms 46:1, ‘God is my refuge and strength a very present help in trouble’; and my family sent up prayers, and also my church family (did).”

The love and support of her family was a great source of strength that she needed to carry on. “My family support was awesome! My husband and daughter were with me during two surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation. My two sons would always give me support and encouragement, such as, ‘it’s going to be okay Mom’; my brothers and sisters threw me a surprise party to keep my spirits up during chemo,” Wilson said. Her oldest son Walter Wilson Jr. expressed what it was like to watch his mother go through recovery. “I attended a few doctor appointments and a chemo session during her treatment. I just tried to keep the faith and believe that everything would work out. Seeing her deal with it wasn’t easy, but she was so strong, so it gave me a peace to go about my daily life.”

It took her from March to December of 2010 in order to recover from the cancer. Her book began as a journal. On the days that she felt great during her recovery, she would go to her back deck, sit down with pen and paper in hand.  “I would write about what I was feeling that day or what happened the week before. Before I knew it, I had written about my whole experience. God let me know that maybe your experience could be a blessing to someone else.” She met the woman who would become the publisher of her book by chance during a church ministry class. “I met my publisher, Christina Dixon, through a ministry called Scribes for Christ (for aspiring writers) held at my church, Greater Grace Temple. The ministry would meet the second Saturday (of) every month,” she said. “Christina happened to be one of our guest speakers one particular Saturday and introduced herself to us at that time.” When it came to creating the title of her book, it was surely a creative process.  “ Myself and my publisher came up with the title during a question and answer conversation. Christina asked me, “What’s one thing you would tell someone about your cancer experience? I told her I would tell them, “It’s Not The End of the World.” She said, “Stop right there, that’s your book title!”

Wilson has advice for others who are currently coming to terms with their illness. “1. Put God first! 2. (Have the) support of family and friends. 3. Get your annual mammogram! 4. Be a testimony to others. 5. Stay positive, always have hope!”
Margin Wilson’s uplifting book is $10 and can be purchased through

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