Bobbi Kristina’s Grandma Gives In Over $20 Million Inheritance Battle

Whitney Houston, Bobby Kristina

Cissy Houston plans to back off of her efforts to withhold Bobbi Kristina’s inheritance, TMZ reports[1].

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The news entertainment site reports that Cissy and Pat Houston, co-executors of Whitney Houston’s estate, tried to change how Bobbi Kristina would receive her mother’s fortune, which rings up to the tune of $20 million.

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The original plan was for Bobbi Kristina to get the money in three large amounts: 10 percent when she turns 21 ($2 mil), just under 20 percent at age 25 ($4 mil) and the remainder when she turns 30 ($16 mil).

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According to TMZ, the aforesaid arrangement, as Whitney planned it, will remain intact for the most part. It is not clear how long Mrs. Houston wanted her granddaughter to wait before getting any of her mother’s millions.

Mrs. Houston wanted to change the payment arrangement over concerns that, in its current framework, it would be “too much, too soon.” She also expressed concerns[5] that Bobbi Kristina was surrounded by too many negative influences, including her boyfriend Nick Gordon. She also has well-documented issues with alcoholism.

Both are happy that case is settled and are looking to move on.

But do you think that Bobbi Kristina, who is 19-years-old now, will be ready to handle $2 million given her current prime time antics?

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