Bobbi Kristina: Drugs found in home during 2nd police search

Suburban Atlanta police found drugs in Bobbi Kristina Brown’s house in the aftermath of her near drowning that put Whitney Houston’s daughter in a coma.
Authorities returned to hers and husband Nick Gordon’s home in Roswell, Ga., and executed another search warrant check of the home. Unlike the first preliminary search, police did seize several items.bk 2
Officers refused to confirm or deny they found drugs in the home, but the family shared with that drugs were the items taken — which would confirm most people’s belief that illicit narcotics contributed to Bobbi Kristina losing consciousness in the bathtub and being submerged face-down for several minutes.
People are questioning why officers did not find drugs when they executed a search the first time, but they reportedly limited the search to for things “out in the open,” reported. Law enforcement said the second search was more thorough.

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