Bobbi Kristina being moved back home

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s condition has not changed since she was found face-down in her bathtub full of water on January 31. But the Browns and Houstons have decided to move her from an Atlanta hospital back to her town home in the north Atlanta suburbs.
A judge recently ruled that Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston’s mother Cissy would share joint control over the estate
The same judge who is forcing the family to work together, ruled that an independant 3rd party will control the estate, and named noted Atlanta attorney Bedelia Hargrove the Houston estate’s conservator.
The families are planning to transport Bobbi Kristina back to the home where she was found unconscious, according to Starcasm.
“Shortly after the revelation that a judge may make the final decision regarding Bobbi Kristina’s fate comes the news that the Browns and Houstons are getting ready to move Bobbi Kristina back into her Roswell GA townhouse. And speculation is rampant that they’re moving her there to make her as comfortable as possible before saying their final farewells.”
The source added, “If she’s alive, let her be home and surrounded by beautiful photos of her mom. It’s as good as it gets in such a bad situation….They’re cleaning [the home] up and there’s a big dumpster outside to throw stuff away.”
The family friend did not say whether the dumpster would discard some or all of Nick Gordon’s belongings–only that Pat and Cissy Houston are trying to turn the townhouse from a “dingy drug den” into a place that Bobbi Kristina can call “home sweet home.”
Cissy Houston said her granddaughter is now breathing on he own, but maintains that she has suffered irreversible brain damage.
It has been reported that Bobbi Kristina has does not have a will and it’s been reported that if she passes, her inheritance from Whitney Houston would go to Cissy and Pat Houston.
Cynics have stated that this is the main reason why Bobby insists he’ll do anything to keep his daughter alive, while Cissy and the rest of the Houston family appear ready to let her go.

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