Bloodline Dynasty: Tattoo Shop Brings Unique Flare to Metro Detroit 

By: Lynzee Mychael, Digital Content Writer 


You’re getting more than just your typical tattoo experience when visiting the eclectic and talented artists at Bloodline Dynasty. Industry veterans Krissy the Butcher and Quinten Harper have taken their 30 years of combined experience and created a safe, creative space inspired by friendship and artistry.

The co-owners of Bloodline Dynasty, located in Farmington Hills, have invested in their shop to ensure that the ambience reflects them as a team and individual artists, while making their clientele comfortable with their visual sense and craftmanship.

With 10 years of experience together, these Detroit natives have found a rhythm and balance with one another and leverage each other’s strengths while learning together. The two express having parallel aspirations which make their partnership unified and aligned.

“Me and Krissy both had similar goals, as far as long-term achievement and where we wanted to take our lives next,” Harper explained. “It seemed like it would be a good thing to do beyond just our ability to tattoo. It’s where we see ourselves 15 to 20 years from now.”

Both artists had similar starts by finding a love for art at a young age. Although the path leading to a career in tattooing wasn’t always clear, their interest in art never wavered.

“As a kid I was always drawing and then I took more serious art classes in high school,” said Krissy the Butcher. “It wasn’t until college when I didn’t have an art class that I started tattooing. I needed an outlet focused on art, but I didn’t know that a career in tattooing was possible for someone like me. I didn’t see any women who looked like me having successful tattoo careers.”

Harper also took lots of art classes in his adolescent and teenage years and began tattooing in his 20’s because he felt it was something he would be good at. Harper, who is a calm and calculated man, said he is satisfied with the modest things and is appreciating the joys of the new shop and this new chapter.

“A good big tattoo to work on and good music is all I need. I am content with the simple things.” Outside of being a tattoo artist, Harper enjoys myology, working out and spending time with his family.

Krissy the Butcher describes herself as a good mixture of city and suburban life and depicts her style as hardcore and sweet. With years of learning from artists from all different backgrounds, she prides herself on not being in a box and delivering whatever a canvas may request.

“I’ve worked with so many tattoo veterans over the years so there’s no one specific style that I do. I’ve picked up on everything. I can do pretty much anything, and I just cater to the clients and their needs.”

An example of Krissy the Butcher doing whatever it takes is when she flew to Florida and completed multiple sessions with NFL athlete Devin Funchess. She described the experience as life changing and looks forward to the next opportunity where she can travel and create different styles for future clients.

Harper said black and grey realism and portrait work are his preferred styles, but he has interest in learning more color realism in the future. As of now his focus is fostering his current strengths and improving his technique.

“I like color realism because it’s nice to look at. I wouldn’t mind learning more in the future, but right now my focus is on learning and advancing with black and gray and my portrait work.”

Late last year the Bloodline Dynasty team debuted their newly renovated shop to family, friends and current clients. Both artists played an equal part in tackling the interior design of the shop, and while both had different ideas on the projects and art displays, their visions fused together effortlessly, creating breathtaking rooms and memorable backdrops. Krissy credits her interior design experience and Harper’s ability to execute his unique ideas to the positive outcome of their space.

“It’s a reflection of me and him as friends and partners. We have worked together for over a decade. How we work together and as separate artists naturally bled over into the design.”

By combining modern day Black excellence, ancient pyramids, Black art and Black religion with heavy golds, rare pieces, and even a waterfall, Bloodline Dynasty exudes African royalty. Even the logo, which Harper designed, was pulled from the Egyptian God Horus. Harper said he loves the way the falcon-headed God looks in the shop and visitors do too.

The business pair both talk about soon bringing relaxation and providing more than just tattoos to the shop. “We want to expand so more people can be a part of the vision without necessarily getting a tattoo or piercing,” said Krissy.

The shop will also provide quality tattoo supplies for other artists, wellness and rejuvenation services, massage options and apparel. The team at Bloodline looks to cater to the client’s mind, body and soul while creating relationships with those supporting the concept.

Bloodline Dynasty is more than just a tattoo shop they are family. The other artists in the shop add to the personality and variety making this one of the coolest places in the world. As the team continues to make connections with other Black artists in the industry, Krissy sees a bright future for her and her crew.

“We link up and form teams and become super powers in the art world. We really stick together. We talk together and do art together. It’s a bond I really appreciate.”

When asked what describes Bloodline Dynasty as a whole, Harper explains the sincerity of their art.

“We take our craft very seriously. We take ourselves very seriously. And we like dealing with people who treat themselves the same way and have the same respect for the craft that we do.”

Being on the same page seems to be a common trend between Krissy the Butcher and Harper. Krissy’s response was very similar, showing that this team has the same qualities and standards.

“We are a very enlightened group. Come with good energy and we are going to cater to you. You are going to have a good time, you’re going to feel great, and you’re getting a great piece of artwork.”

Follow Bloodline Dynasty @bloodlinedynasty on Instagram to check out their work and stay in the know for upcoming events and specials. Krissy the Butcher can be followed @thexbutcher and Harper can be followed @inkheadtattoos.


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