Bing, Orr, Davis and The Secret Deal


Labor activist Robert Davis obtained e-mails through his ongoing lawsuit against Governor Rick Snyder and his administration regarding the appointment of emergency manager Kevyn Orr and alleged violations of the open meetings act.

According to Davis the e-mails question whether Orr, Jones Day and the state ever believed that a bankruptcy was avoidable, despite their continued statements saying they wanted to solve Detroit’s financial situation without traveling down the road of bankruptcy.

The commitment of Orr and Jones Day were questioned by Davis, since the law firm could earn millions more in legal fees if the city filed for bankruptcy.

Below is a January e-mail exchange between Orr and Dan Moss of Jones Day:


“It provides political cover for the state politicians,” Moss wrote. “Indeed, this gives them an even greater incentive to do this right because, if it succeeds, there will be more than enough patronage to allow either (Mayor Dave) Bing or Snyder to look for higher callings — whether cabinet, Senate or corporate. Further, this could give you cover and options on the back end to make up for lost time here.”


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