Beauty and Brains: Celebrating Metro Detroit’s Leading Women in the Beauty Industry

In a world where beauty standards constantly evolve and redefine themselves, a group of remarkable women in Metro Detroit stand out not just for their prowess in the realm of aesthetics, but for their exceptional entrepreneurship, community engagement, and empowerment of women.

As we celebrate National Women’s History Month, it is only fitting to shine a spotlight on these five trailblazers who are making waves in the beauty industry, transforming not only the faces of their clients but also the landscape of their communities.

Jas Black, the Owner and Master Colorist of Studio Lush Salon, leads with her innovative approach to hair color and styling. Her salon isn’t just a place for hair transformations; it’s a sanctuary where clients can indulge in self-care while fostering a sense of belonging. Black’s commitment to excellence and creativity has earned her personal and professional brand a stellar reputation in the industry and a loyal clientele.

In addition to being a dedicated salon over who credits her inspiration and 18 years of experience to coming from a lineage of hairstylist, she is creating her own lineage as a doting wife and mother. She maintains her work/ life balance by designating two family days a week and making sure her work schedule is clear by 6 p.m. She encourages other aspiring salon owners to “focus on unique services that you can deliver with excellence, give great service, and to market yourself heavily until your brand becomes familiar.

Her salon Studio Lush, located in Southfield, is known for its scientific and artistic approach to hair coloring. They specialize in understanding color theory, all hair textures, and how each chemical will affect different hair types. When asked what keeps her motivate, Jas says reaching her full potential, building a brand that has longevity and a positive impact, and creating a business that keeps Black Women employed.

“It won’t always be perfect – many mistakes will be made – but I have never seen a person wo didn’t quit not succeed. Believe in your vision,” she said.

Kristian “KM” Styles, known as a Master Stylist, brings her unparalleled skill and flair to every haircut and style she creates. With an eye for detail and a passion for her craft, KM Styles has become synonymous with cutting-edge hairstyling in Metro Detroit. Her dedication to her clients’ satisfaction and her commitment to mentorship inspire aspiring stylists across the region. Born to iconic Detroit legends of the hair industry Sonya M. and Cool C, KM was destined to be great in her field.

At 7 years old, KM began playing with hair mannequins and leftover pieces of hair from her mother’s clients. By age 12, her mother was already teaching her how to cut layers. As she moved through life, she began doing hair out of her and her sister’s apartment in Kalamazoo. After receiving her first check from a local beauty supply store, Kristian’s mom strongly advised that she was meant to be an entrepreneur, and the rest is history. After traveling between Detroit and Kalamazoo working at a high-end salon, heeding the wisdom of her “shop parents,” Kristian was able place her roots in the hair care industry.

She attributes her parents for encouraging her originality, allowing her to wear different hair colors and teaching her the importance of being herself, using her creatively authentically to cultivate her own clientele. Her iconic hot pink hair speaks to the boldness of her styling. KM is encouraging this generation of Black Women to express themselves freely and outside of the box. Adding her exposure to Avril Lavigne, anime, and love for Nicki Minaj has inspired her to create her own trends rather than follow them. Kristian encourages budding stylists to serve other tenured stylists to learn and complete cosmetology school, and once graduated, to continue to invest in themselves.

“Invest in your mental health as well”, KM states. She advises that often, stylists are not just stylists but also act as “therapists” for some of their clients, giving them the safe space they need to be vulnerable and share parts of themselves they don’t always share with others. She urges other hair care professionals to get therapists of their own so that they can effectively balance their own self-care and mental health.

On being honored for Women’s History Month, KM shares her deep appreciation for the personal struggles she has overcome as a Black woman entrepreneur. She shared that through the years, she overcame homelessness and mental health issues, and now regularly maintains her mental health by attending therapy and upholding her faith. She adds that some of her most memorable moments in her career are being flown out California to be the solo hair stylist on the set of a music video, having supporters recognize her and her work from social media, and servicing celebrity clients like Tamar Braxton.

Bianca, the owner and Master Loctician of Locs of Love Salon, has carved a niche for herself in the beauty industry by specializing in loc maintenance and styling. Beyond her technique, Bianca fosters a sense of community among her clients, building relationships that extend far beyond the salon chair. Her commitment to celebrating natural beauty and nurturing the spiritual connection between hair and identity has garnered widespread acclaim.

Sporting her own beautiful locs, Bianca says she discovered her passion while in graduate school. As business degree holder, she quickly realized that traditional corporate America was not for her. Now expanding into her third retail space and now offering more central operations, she acknowledged that the uprising in Black culture embracing more natural styling has been a trend her business has undoubtedly benefited from.

“I used to feel unique when I would be the only woman to walk in the room with locs, and now there are so many other women who have them too, it’s not just the men.” Bianca says. She said that at one point, men in the NBA were not yet even able to sport their natural tresses in every form. In addition to being a successful business owner, she is also an exceptional mother. She shared that her daughter has locs as well, and as she is venturing into womanhood, she has questions around her hair and how it ties into her identity. Bianca encourages her and all women to be leaders and not to fall victim to so-called traditional beauty standards.

As a wife and a mother, she prioritizes her time between administrative work and family time; even talking with her clients about their lives so that they can support one another. After recently giving birth to her son, she praised her husband and family for being a very supportive village and being involved in the family business.

To aspiring locticians, Bianca expresses to not get caught up in the trends of the world. “YouTube can be very informative but also misleading, especially for new stylists.” She encourages them make sure they invest in the proper tools and products to give the best service to their clients.

Deja Wharton, a Master Makeup Artist and owner of “Dewy By Dej” Studio, uses her artistic talents to enhance and embrace her clients’ unique features. Through her makeup artistry, Deja doesn’t just transform faces; she transforms lives, using her infectious personality to instill confidence and self-assurance in everyone she touches.

Once discouraged from pursuing a traditional corporate career after college graduation, Deja pursued a career in make up after a four-year mentorship with celebrity makeup artist Moriah Mierre a.k.a “Beat By Mo”. Deja said that although she initially did not set out to be in this field, after she made her first $300 in one day she quickly realized how lucrative the beauty industry was. She quickly developed a love and passion for her clientele and developed her own signature style of make-up application.

“I have the best clients!” Dej exclaimed, saying her clients for keep her motivated and inspired. She believes that you truly attract what you are and promotes an environment that allows for her to build loyal relationships with her clients. On being honored for Women’s History Month, Deja fervently emphasizes how women achieve so much and must give themselves permission to learn balance while also earnestly showing gratitude and appreciation for the women who have paved the way for her.

“Do not try to force yourself into rooms you don’t fit in,” she said, adding that there are so many women who don’t gatekeep and who will look out for aspiring beauticians.

A soon to be mom, Deja said she gives herself the grace to grow into different spaces of her business without putting pressure on herself to overachieve.

Brittany “Bee” Farr, the owner and Master Esthetician of Bee’s Beauty Bar and Spa, offers more than just skincare treatments; she provides a haven for relaxation, rejuvenation, and self-discovery. Bee’s dedication to holistic wellness and her commitment to personalized care have made her spa a destination for those seeking not only beauty enhancement but also inner harmony.

A business owner and loving mother of two Brittany aka “Bee” is making huge strides in the world of self-care and wellness. After expanding into a new location in Southfield, she said she now relies on organization as a key to ensure she operates in excellence.

“If I don’t take care of me, I cannot pour into my business or my children.” Bee says. Admitting that these days self-care for her is not just a typical manicure or facial but incorporating faith-filled practices such as journaling and reading her Bible.

Acknowledging the specific needs of others is what has led to such a powerful increase in her business. Bee is now offering “Bee’s Beauty Academy” where she shares her knowledge to assist other beauty professionals in the elevation of their career. She also stresses the importance of cultivating her own staff, offering dual roles within her company to allow them to explore passions beyond their ordinary roles.

“I realized that sometimes balance is not what we think it is, sometimes it’s taking one thing on at a time. If I’m operating as an esthetician in that moment, I may not be thinking about operations,” she said. Giving her staff the ability to take space as needed to complete their duties has increased her work culture of positivity and inclusivity.

Led by integrity, Brittany uplifts the women she encounters by encouraging them to lead their businesses based on their personal values. She hopes to continue to inspire the entire beauty business by setting a new standard of excellence and encouraging a more collaborative culture.

These five remarkable women exemplify the essence of beauty and brains, leveraging their talent, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit to leave an indelible mark on the industry and the communities they serve. As we honor them during Women’s History Month, let us celebrate their achievements and draw inspiration from their extraordinary journeys.

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