Beautiful Sanaa Lathan explains why she’s still single at 44

Let us not get it twisted even for a second: alluring actress Sanaa Lathan is single because she chooses to be.
But still … why has the “Perfect Man” thespian never been married.
It hasn’t been for a lack of opportunities, that’s for sure. Fans desperately wanted Lathan and Omar Epps to get married after they paired up perfectly during and after the filming of the classic Love & Basketball. And there have been a herd of Hollywood hunks trying to get at her ever since.
Lathan, who also was rumored to be involved in an illicit tryst with co-star Denzel Washington during the making of Out of Control about a decade ago, has been linked to many uppercrust actors and entertainers, including NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick and rough-neck rapper French Montana.

Sanaa Lathan with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Sanaa Lathan with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

However, Lathan told USA Today she is quite content living the solitary life for the time being — and having a good time being on her own:
“Yet there’s this whole idea that if you’re a single woman that somehow you cannot keep a man or something. The truth is, I’m really happy. It’s not like there are people who wouldn’t want to be with me,” says Lathan. “But I have worked so hard to create this life and I’m in a pretty good place.”
“If I have a partner to walk through life that would be great,” said the Best Man star. “But if that doesn’t happen, I feel great. I have great friends and great family. I have fun.”

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