“Be The Change!” GMA3 Co-Host Keke Palmer Urges National Guardsmen to join protests

“I agree with you” responded a soldier in an emotional encounter with the actress. The now viral post shows Keke Palmer having a peaceful discussion in the midst of several armed soldiers, imploring them to join the movement and stand on the side justice denouncing the use of violence against protesters. “It will send a huge message” she said, explaining the impact this desired act of solidarity would have. With a crowd of supporters around her chanting “March with us” a visibly unmoved Keke continued the conversation referencing the tweet from Trump saying, “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

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He’s trying to incite a race war” she said, “I don’t know if you’ve seen that on social media”. She went on to plead with the soldiers to protect her and her fellow protesters and march with them. One soldier eventually agreed to join the march to a certain point but could not make the full trip because of their inability to lead their assigned post. Keke responded advising that was not enough for her. “Take a knee then” one of the protesters retorted.  One by one, some soldiers took a knee in solidarity and at the nonviolent demand of the protesters.

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