Ballmer Group, United Way Unveil ‘Summer Discovery’ to Bridge K-8 Educational Gaps

The exciting news is on the horizon for students in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties as Ballmer Group and United Way for Southeastern Michigan launch a groundbreaking initiative called Summer Discovery. This program aims to provide invaluable learning and enrichment opportunities during the summer months for qualifying rising students in grades K-8.

For many students, summer break is a time for relaxation and rejuvenation, but for some, especially Black children in poverty, it becomes a period of significant learning loss due to systemic disparities. Educational inequity disproportionately affects Black children, with the myth that Black families do not seek summer learning opportunities perpetuating a damaging narrative. Access, transportation, and the availability of summer programming are identified as significant barriers.

Based on findings from a 2021 study conducted by America After 3 pm, the challenge goes beyond a simple lack of interest. The study reveals that almost seven out of ten Black families would be willing to enroll their children in summer programs if such opportunities were accessible, citing cost as a significant obstacle. This underscores how the summer slide disproportionately affects students who are already grappling with a deficit in quality education, often linked to financial or societal challenges.

Steve Ballmer, Co-Founder of Ballmer Group and a proud Detroit native spoke passionately about the initiative, saying, “Ballmer Group is proud to invest in summer learning and exploration for students in Southeast Michigan. We know the importance of summer in maintaining students’ progress and providing enrichment. We’re supporting schools to offer opportunities to kids in Southeast Michigan who wouldn’t have the same chances as kids in other parts of Michigan. The importance of access to opportunity cannot be overstated.”

According to a recent survey conducted by United Way for Southeastern Michigan, a staggering 76% of parents and 82% of community leaders agree that there are not enough summer enrichment programs for students in the region. Transportation and cost were cited as barriers by 68% of parents when it came to enrolling their children in the limited programs available. Summer Discovery plans to address these concerns and offer a lifeline to educational excellence during the summer hiatus.

Dr. Nikolai Vitti, Superintendent of Detroit Public Schools Community District, praised the initiative, emphasizing its role in bridging the equality gap. “This investment in summer programming fills a long-standing gap in equal access to providing all children, regardless of zip code, with a safe learning environment over the summer. DPSCD is grateful for this meaningful, thoughtful, and strategic investment in our Detroit families, students, and community.”

Summer Discovery is tailored to the unique needs of students and families in Southeast Michigan. The program’s goal is not just to fill the educational gap but to provide enrichment activities that spark interest in various careers, engage families, and create memorable learning experiences. Dr. Darienne Hudson, president and CEO of United Way for Southeastern Michigan, shared her excitement about the partnership, stating, “Together, we’re working to ensure that students in Southeastern Michigan have access to high-quality summer learning opportunities. These proven, effective, and engaging enrichment activities will help students maintain and grow their learning after the school year ends.”

The program is not just a vision but a well-thought-out reality, thanks to the collaboration with Building Impact Partners and the expertise of United Way for Southeastern Michigan. Building Impact Partners, a philanthropic advising organization with a stellar track record, has successfully launched similar programs in New York and Indiana. They will provide project management and support for applicants throughout the process.

Interested schools can apply to become Summer Discovery sites, gaining access to a curriculum aligned with Michigan state standards, teacher training, and additional resources. Grantees have the flexibility to tailor programs to meet the unique needs and interests of their students, teachers, and families. The grants, offering up to $2,000 per student, can be a game-changer, introducing new programs or enhancing existing ones while addressing obstacles like transportation.

Ballmer stated, “The importance of access to opportunity cannot be overstated.” Summer Discovery is poised to be a game-changer, ensuring that each funded program enhances academic skills, fosters a love of learning, nurtures student interests, and provides a comprehensive summer experience that benefits both students and their families.”

So, how can schools in Southeast Michigan jump on this transformative bandwagon? The application window is now open, and interested schools have until March 1, 2024, to submit their applications. The selection process details and frequently asked questions are conveniently available on the program’s official website at

This initiative is not just a boost for education; it’s a game-changer for Southeast Michigan’s youth. Summer Discovery will unlock potential, ensuring that every child, regardless of zip code, has access to a summer filled with education, enrichment, and endless possibilities.


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