Ayesha Curry gets HAMMERED on social media after Cavs defeat Warriors to win NBA title


One of the most prominent, visible and most talked about presences in the NBA Finals 2016 was not a player. It wasn’t even a man. It was a woman — as in Steph Curry’s wife, Ayesha. Her untamed personality and proclivity to punch out Tweets that were critical of everything from LeBron James’ gamesmanship to the NBA allegedly being “rigged” for “ratings” during the playoffs helped make her a household name — but it also made her very big target for social media sharpshooters.

After LeBron James and Kyrie Irving helped the Cleveland Cavs engineer the greatest comeback in the history of the NBA Finals — coming back from a 3-1 games deficit to win the title, which is unprecedented — Ayesha Curry shyly returned to Twitter shortly after with a very lame message to congratulate the Warriors on their effort and record-breaking season.

Soon thereafter, social media ripped Ayesha Curry like a bleeding zebra at a lion convention. She was also dragged by the “Bye Ayesha” T-shirts an Ohio company made, according to TMZ, shortly after the Cavs vanquished Steph Curry and the Warriors to win the city’s first NBA title ever — and the first for any major sports franchise in the Cleveland in more than half a century.


In short, social media made Ayesha Curry pay for her petulant and petty Game 6 comments, accusing the NBA of being rigged when the game results did not favor her husband, Steph.

Take a look at the funniest, most inventive, innovative and harshest comments about Ayesha Curry — and Steph Curry — after the Golden State Warriors experienced an epic collapse and because of the wife’s very noisy Twitter presence during the 2016 playoffs.











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