To build an empire, you can’t simply sit on your couch and watch one. Building an empire, is not about watching the season finale of a television show. It’s about putting in the hustle, sweat, and tears so that your work can show. Building your empire and dreams, takes risk to reap the rewards.
Researchers indicate that by 2018, there will be 100,000 new millionaires in America. From that statistic, 56% won’t have a degree and 35% will work from home to build their empire. What are you doing now, to position yourself for lucrative opportunities?
Allow purpose to position you on the path to prosperity. Building your empire is not about chasing money, it’s about pursuing your purpose. When you pursue your purpose and work your gifts, money will chase you!
You can’t truly build a formidable empire, if you don’t have a foundation. Take the time to recognize your value and gain greater knowledge of your true worth.
Begin to invest in yourself! Understand that your value is not determined by what you have…your value is determined by who you are. Be careful of the people, who you place in your space. Your network, determines your net worth. To flourish, grow, and build your empire, you have to release the liabilities and retain only those who are assets to your life.
What do you have that money CAN’T buy? Simply because you’re not truly rich or wealthy, until you possess what money can’t buy. It doesn’t matter if your business is booming…if you’re bankrupt inside, your business will soon be bankrupt outside.
This week, take the time to invest in yourself, build your ideas, build your relationships, build your spirit, and you’ll be able to Build Your Empire!
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