Wayne County Announces Employee Updates, Amended Services, Due To COVID-19

Wayne County Executive Warren Evans, along with other elected officials of Wayne County, announced updates regarding city employees and amended services during the Coronavirus outbreak. All non-essential Wayne County employees will be placed on a two-week paid leave from March 16 to March 29. This is to protect the health of all 3,500 full-time city employees and prevent the spread of COVID-19. All essential employees in the public health and safety sector will report to work unless directed otherwise by a supervisor or elected official. Parks will stay open in Detroit, and any events after April 13 will be assessed moving forward.

“In furtherance of the declaration of emergency issued by the Governor, Wayne County will take every possible step to slow the spread of Coronavirus while maintaining essential services,” Evans said. “We also recognize the financial hardship and disruption this pandemic is causing. Two paid weeks of leave will help lighten that impact. We’ll continue to monitor as this situation evolves, but we are working to help our employees adjust to a vastly different reality than existed just a few days ago while continuing to serve the public.”

“Avoiding large crowds, as noted in the Governor’s emergency declaration, helps to slow the spread of this virus,” said Carol Austerberry, Wayne County Health Officer. “Wayne County is committed to the safety of our residents and visitors. Foregoing large events will help. Wash your hands often, disinfect surfaces, and avoid touching your face. We urge residents to continue to be vigilant with preventive measures and stay home when they can.”

Here’s a list of amended services in the City of Detroit:

Meals on Wheels:

  • Home delivered meal service will continue for home-bound participants, including liquid nutrition program participants. Our program requires the current meal sites to remain open for the packing and distribution of liquid nutrition and home-delivered meals during this temporary school closure. Only essential staff will be onsite to pack and distribute the meals to delivery drivers.
  • TEMPORARY SUSPENSION OF CONGREGATE MEAL PROGRAM: The County is temporarily suspending the congregate meal program. This will eliminate seniors from casually convening at the current meal sites. Frozen meals (5 day supply) and nutrition resource information on local pantries would be provided to currently registered congregate meal site participants to ensure they have adequate resources to sustain their nutritional health status.

County Commission Meetings:

  • The Wayne County Commission is postponing its Thursday, March 19 full board meeting until Thursday, April 2, and is canceling its committee meetings the week of March 23.

The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office:

  • The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office is committed to our constitutionally mandated functions. As a result, the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office (WCPO) will have personnel to staff the courts in keeping with the Directive of the Third Circuit Court. WCPO will have personnel in the District Courts consistent with 36th District Court and other District Courts’ directives. All trials and scheduled court dates will be limited exclusively to incarcerated defendants. We will have staff available our perform our warrant functions. WCPO is requesting that complainants and witnesses with questions contact: WCPOnotifications@waynecounty.com

Wayne County Probate Court:

  • The Wayne County Probate Court will only accept emergency filings and will only conduct emergency hearings effective Monday, March 16 through Friday, March 27. All currently scheduled hearings will also be adjourned, except for the mental health docket on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week, until after the two-week period. The Court will notify parties of new hearings dates when the Court reopens. For more information, CLICK HERE.

Third Judicial Circuit of Michigan:

  • Please see the Court’s state of emergency order by CLICKING HERE.

Wayne County Sheriff Office:

  • With few exceptions, the operations of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office will not be affected during this emergency. Essential public safety functions shall continue to be performed, inclusive of the operations of the jails. Family, friends, and religious representatives shall continue to be allowed, based on posted schedules, to visit incarcerated inmates. Attorney visits will remain in effect as well. The only limitations to visits will be if a visitor is deemed to be a risk to the health, safety, and welfare of the inmates and jail staff; they will not be allowed to visit. In addition, individuals will still be able to post bond for incarcerated inmates. The bond process occurs 24 hours per day, every day of the week. Note: Due to the potential health risks associated with close personal contact, the process of fingerprinting Concealed Pistol License applicants and those seeking to renew their permits will be suspended through Monday, March 30.

Wayne County Treasurer’s Office:

  • The Wayne County Treasurer’s Office will be closed to the public during the furlough period and for an additional week. Essential staff at the Treasurer’s Office will continue to work to process property tax payments and payment plans, certify deeds and to answer questions via phone or email to assist Wayne County Taxpayers until the health crisis subsides. Additionally, the Wayne County Treasurer’s Office strongly encourages residents to make tax payments online by CLICKING HERE or by mail, phone, or mobile app if possible.


In line with the Governor’s declaration to combat the outbreak of COVID-19, the Office of Register of Deeds will be closed from Monday, March 16 through Friday, March 27. The only essential function that will be performed is the processing of Sheriff’s Deed redemptions on an appointment-only basis.

For those whose last day to redeem property occurs during the period of March 16 through March 27, call one of these numbers to schedule a time to redeem your property: (313) 506-2528, (313) 702-8134 or (313) 213-5214. During the period of our closure, you may submit documents you want to be recorded through the mail by CLICKING HERE. To obtain copies of documents, CLICK HERE.

Suspended events include:

  • March 14: Wayne County Parks Maple Sugaring event
  • March 22: Wayne County Census Rally in Dearborn
  • March 26: State of the County Address (will be available via live web stream)
  • April 10: Wayne County Parks Marshmallow Drop

As of now, there are 16 cases of COVID-19 in Michigan, the latest one being in the City of Detroit. An adult female from Detroit with an unknown travel history contracted the virus.

To find out information regarding Wayne County’s most vulnerable residents, including seniors, CLICK HERE.

To reach the COVID-19 hotline, dial (734) 287-7870 during business hours or 2-1-1, which is available 24 hours a day.

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