Witnesses Say Another Unarmed Black Teen Near Ferguson Was Shot 17 Times

Another unarmed African American teen near Ferguson, Mo., was fatally shot by a police officer who witnesses say fired off more than 16 rounds at the suspect.
Ferguson is a suburb of St. Louis — both are located in St. Louis County — and officers were dashed to the scene of a fatal officer-involved shooting in the 4100 block of Shaw Blvd. in south St. Louis around 7:30 Wednesday evening.
Police told the media that an off-duty officer was working a second job when he attempted a pedestrian check of four individuals. The suspects fled on foot, and officer pursed the suspect. The suspect, according to the shooting officer, eventually fired at the officer. The officer fearing for his life returned fire fatally wounding the suspect.
Witnesses on the scene tell a radically different story. They say the young boy was only armed with a sandwich and called the firing of so many shots a gross and egregious overuse of force.
The dead man, an 18-year-old young African American, fired at least three rounds at the officer, St. Louis Metropolitan Police Chief Sam Dotson said at a news conference, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
Police reportedly recovered a 9mm Ruger from the scene.
The police department said the officer, 32, was heading to his second job as a private security guard and was reportedly wearing a uniform when the incident occurred. The police officer has served with the St. Louis force for six years.
A crowd has gathered at the corner store at Klemm next to the Shaw Market. Some in the crowd say the suspect was shot 16 times.

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