USA Today Ranks Detroit Ford Fireworks No. 2 Nationally for Best Show

It’s simple, the Ford Fireworks should be the number one spot for fireworks in the country. Recently, our very own Ford Fireworks clinched the second position in USA TODAY’s 2024 10Best Readers’ Choice Awards for the best fireworks displays across the nation. This recognition underscores the grandeur and magnificence of an event that truly embodies the heart and soul of Detroit.

The Ford Fireworks aren’t just a show; they’re an electrifying experience that lights up the Detroit River with an awe-inspiring display of pyrotechnics. This year’s event, themed “Color the Sky with Sunshine,” promises a breathtaking spectacle featuring over 10,000 fireworks. The scale of the show is so immense that it requires three barges to carry all the fireworks, creating a stunning visual and auditory feast.

The USA TODAY 10Best Readers’ Choice Awards are a significant acknowledgment, celebrating the best in travel, food, and lifestyle. Each year, a panel of industry experts nominates their favorites, and these selections are then reviewed by 10Best editors before being put to a public vote over four weeks.

Mark your calendars for June 24th, when the Ford Fireworks will illuminate the night starting at 10 p.m. Produced by the Parade Co. in partnership with Zambelli Fireworks, this year’s show is set to be unforgettable. The synchronized music will elevate the experience, turning it into a full sensory celebration.

Here’s a rundown of the top 10 places to watch fireworks, as chosen by USA TODAY readers:

  1. Navy Pier – Chicago, Illinois
  2. Ford Fireworks – Detroit, Michigan
  3. Concert in the Sky at the Amelia Earhart Festival – Atchison, Kansas
  4. Minneapolis Aquatennial – Minneapolis, Minnesota
  5. Addison Kaboom Town! – Addison, Texas
  6. Wawa Welcome America – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  7. Let Freedom Sing! – Nashville, Tennessee
  8. Big Bay Boom – San Diego, California
  9. Fair Saint Louis – St. Louis, Missouri
  10. America’s Freedom Festival at Provo – Provo, Utah

But let’s be honest—Detroit’s Ford Fireworks stand out not just for their scale but for the sense of community and pride they evoke. Picture this: families and friends gathered along the Detroit River, sharing moments of awe and joy under the starry sky. The Ford Fireworks represent more than just an impressive show; they are a celebration of our city’s resilience, spirit, and togetherness.

While we tip our hats to Navy Pier for their top ranking, there’s something uniquely special about the Ford Fireworks. It’s an event that showcases the best of Detroit—our unity, our strength, and our ability to throw a spectacular celebration.

On June 24th, don’t just watch fireworks—be a part of something extraordinary. Head down to the Detroit River, bring your loved ones, and immerse yourself in a night that highlights what it means to be a Detroiter. Because here in Detroit, we don’t just light up the sky; we light up our lives. And that’s why, in our hearts, we’ll always be number one.

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