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Here are the top stories from the Michigan Chronicle impacting Detroit and nationally for the Week of June 1 – June 7.

LIVE from Detroit: The Concert at Michigan Central Draws 20,000 to Roosevelt Park
About 20,000 people packed Roosevelt Park Thursday, June 6, 2024 for Live From Detroit: The Concert at Michigan Central to celebrate the historic re-opening of Michigan Central Station following an extensive six-year renovation by Ford. Eminem, Diana Ross, Jack White, Big Sean and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra led an all-star musical lineup at the 90-minute concert, featuring appearances by Ford executives and local leaders.
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Suzanne Shank’s Commitment to Black Women Was on Full Display at the Mackinac Policy Conference
The 2024 Mackinac Policy Conference was a watershed moment in Michigan’s political landscape, and the conference chair, Suzanne Shank – President, CEO, and Co-Founder of the largest Black-owned full-service investment banking firm – was the driving force behind so much of its success.
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Michigan Fashion Week 2024: Elevating Glamour on the Rooftops of Detroit
The week-long event will spotlight more than 30 fashion designers, who will reveal their latest collections, and over 60 professional models will take to the runway, representing the diverse beauty and talent of the Midwest.
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DJ Legend Delano Smith and Rising Star sillygirlcarmen Unite for Groundbreaking Project ‘PLAY’
The electrifying collaboration between legendary DJ/Producer Delano Smith and rising star DJ/Artist sillygirlcarmen is poised to redefine the electronic music scene with the recent EP release ‘PLAY.’The three-song project dropped May 24th leading into the Movement Memorial Day weekend, creating a sound-transcending music boundary by merging decades of experience with fresh, innovative energy.
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24 Hours in Highland Park: 50 Years of Legacy and The Reggie McKenzie Foundation’s Enduring Impact on Highland Park
It all started in 1974 with a couple dozen kids, a six-foot four-inch NFL offensive lineman, a bag of footballs, and a few stacks of small orange cones. Now, 50 years later, imagining the city of Highland Park without the Reggie McKenzie Foundation would be like imagining a Michigan winter with no snow: it just wouldn’t make sense.
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