Real Times Media Wins 7 Excellence Awards at Annual NNPA Conference

Real Times Media publications Michigan Chronicle and New Pittsburgh Courier earned seven newspaper and journalism awards for outstanding Black Press at the 2023 National Newspaper Publisher Association Fund’s Messenger Awards. The June 29 award ceremony took place during the NNPA’s annual convention, which was hosted from June 28-July 1 in Nashville, TN.

The Chronicle won four of RTM’s seven awards, taking home third place in each of the following categories: The Robert L. Vann Award for Layout & Design (Broadsheet); The Ada S. Franklin Award for Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle; Newsletter Excellence; and Business.

The Courier won first place for Newsletter Excellence and Instagram Campaign, and took home third place in the Don King Award for Sports.

“I couldn’t be prouder of our hardworking team across all of our publications,” said Hiram Jackson, CEO of Real Times Media and Publisher of the Michigan Chronicle, who attended the conference and receive the awards.

“We’re competing against our peers in the industry for these awards, but at the end of the day we’re excited for all of the fantastic Black press organizations across the country who go to work daily to inform and entertain our community, while also amplifying issues that matter to our communities.”

President Joe Biden thanked the NPAA and the Black Press of America via video from the White House, saying : “With every story you publish, you make our democracy stronger. So thank you for what you do and for turning the light of truth wherever your work leads you.”

Over the past two years, the Chronicle and Courier have combined to win more than 20 awards for Real Times Media, including first place awards in the categories of Social Criminal Justice, Website Excellence, and General Newspaper Excellence.

More than 200 newspapers compete nationally each year for NPAA Messenger Awards.

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