Michigan Chronicle Makes Endorsements in Michigan House, State Senate, Wayne County Commission Races and Proposals

The Michigan Chronicle Editorial Board, comprised of staff writers and editors, is endorsing selected candidates running for district seats in the Michigan House of Representatives, Michigan State Senate, and the Wayne County Commission. 

The endorsements come after the Editorial Board assessed the candidates’ pledges, platforms, political experiences (when applicable), past or present services to advance communities, and the candidates’ plans to address issues impacting citizens in their respective districts.  In addition, the endorsements reflect the Michigan Chronicle’s values and positions on addressing various issues affecting underserved communities locally and in other areas of Southeast Michigan.   

In the endorsement process for the aforementioned races, the Editorial Board created a questionnaire containing the same questions for all candidates. 

Based on the review of 40 answered and returned questionnaires at the deadline, reviews of pledges and positions on candidates’ campaign websites when available, and the perceived abilities and skillsets of the candidates to best serve respective constituents, the Michigan Chronicle Editorial Board has collectively made decisions to endorse the following candidates in the Aug. 2nd Primary Election.


Michigan House of Representatives

  • 1st District: Tyrone Carter
  • 5th District: Steele P. Hughes
  • 7th District: Helena Scott
  • 16th District: Stephanie Young


Michigan State Senate

  • 2nd District: Syliva Santana
  • 6th District: Darryl Brown
  • 8th District: Marshall Bullock


Wayne County Commission

  • District 1: Brian Banks
  • District 2: Jonathan C. Kinloch
  • District 3: Martha G. Scott
  • District 4: Lisa Carter
  • District 5: Ima Clark-Coleman
  • District 6: Monique Baker McCormick
  • District 7: Alisha Bell


Proposal J

Jails Millage Renewal: YES


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