License Restoration Clinics Support 400+ Returning Citizens for Day 1 Reentry Success

Now in its third year, the Road to Restoration has served over 8,000 Michiganders at 37 license restoration clinics across the state and transformed license restoration into an economic driver for Michigan.

Whether that’s getting a job or getting a better job, driving loved ones to school or medical appointments, Michiganders are plugging back into their lives and communities as well as contributing to the state’s economy.

Launched in 2021 by the Michigan Department of State (MDOS) and the Michigan Department of Attorney General together with the Detroit Justice Center, DTE Energy and Miller Canfield law firm, this dynamic, public-private partnership hosts license restoration clinics to support those without the means or knowledge to restore their driving privileges alone.

Last month, learnings were applied to host license restoration clinics at the Vocational Villages located in the Parnall and Women’s Huron Valley Correctional Facilities to equip incarcerated residents for reentry success.

Successful reentry is inextricably tied to returning citizens securing gainful employment with many residents exiting prison each month with great credentials to obtain a job or with an open job opportunity. However, like most Michiganders, they need a driver’s license to get to and from work.

The two Road to Restoration clinics served more than 400 soon-to-be returning citizens with many regaining their driving licenses with assistance from MDOS teams and volunteer attorneys from DTE and the Detroit Justice Center. Informing incarcerated residents of the steps they need to take to get their license restored positions Michigan’s returning citizens for a successful reentry journey by removing this one barrier.

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