Last Call for Judges: Best in Grass Competition

As the cannabis industry continues to flourish in Michigan, enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike have an exciting opportunity to participate in the inaugural “Best in Grass” cannabis competition. Co-founded by Mark Kazinec, this event promises to showcase the best locally-grown cannabis products across 14 recreational categories. However, aspiring judges must act fast, as the registration deadline is May 19.


What to Expect as a Judge

Judges in the Best in Grass competition are not just casual observers but key participants who will help shape the future of Michigan’s cannabis industry. Each judge receives a special kit filled with a variety of cannabis products. These kits have a unique Judge Access Card, granting access to the Best in Grass judge portal. Through this portal, judges will evaluate the products based on criteria such as Visual Appeal, Aroma, Taste, and Effects and provide detailed comments.


Mark Kazinec emphasizes the importance of personal perspectives in the judging process. “We provide examples of thorough judging comments,” he explains, “but we respect that every judge has their own palette and their own voice to share, and we want that to shine through.”


Goals and Impact of the Competition

The Best in Grass competition aims to do more than crown the best cannabis products in Michigan. According to Kazinec, the event is designed to give real consumers—both seasoned and canna-curious—the opportunity to experience new brands and products at a great deal while having their voices heard.


“We want the hardworking people of Michigan, who actually spend money on cannabis and keep these brands in business, to share their opinions and reviews,” Kazinec states. The feedback collected from judges will be invaluable for brands looking to improve their offerings, ensuring that the competition has a lasting impact on the quality of cannabis products available to consumers.


A Unique Approach

What sets Best in Grass apart from other cannabis competitions is its commitment to fairness and transparency. Kazinec points out that many competitions are judged by industry insiders, which can lead to bias. In contrast, Best in Grass is a third-party, unbiased company aiming to deliver honest, integrity-driven competition. The large sample size of judges and the widespread distribution of judge kits across Michigan further enhance the credibility of the results.


Best in Grass restricts brands and their affiliates from participating as judges to ensure the judging process remains fair and unbiased. A dedicated data team also reviews the judging results meticulously to prevent manipulation or bias.


Overcoming Challenges

Organizing a competition of this scale comes with its own challenges, particularly in compliance and regulations. Kazinec and his team have dedicated significant time and effort to navigating these complexities to ensure a fully legal and compliant competition.


“We work with the businesses and the community in each state to ensure we do this the right way,” Kazinec says. This collaborative approach, combined with the team’s experience and determination, has positioned Best in Grass as a pioneering event in the cannabis industry.


Join the Celebration

Selected judges will not only play a crucial role in the competition but will also have the chance to attend the prestigious live awards show at the Royal Oak Music Theatre on June 18. This glamorous event dubbed the “Oscars of the cannabis industry,” will feature a green carpet and black-tie/cocktail attire and offer judges the opportunity to mingle with the creators behind the products they evaluated.


The competition is heating up, with judging concluding on May 19, and the results are already starting to come in. Don’t miss your chance to be part of Michigan’s first-ever Best in Grass cannabis competition. Register now and help crown the best cannabis products in the state.

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