Impact Network Emerges as Premier Family-Friendly Entertainment Hub for the Black Community Under Leadership of Royal W. Jackson

It is no secret that the media landscape, often dominated by voices and narratives that fail to fully resonate with or represent the richness of Black culture. However, Impact Network stands as a beacon of hope and empowerment. Founded in 2010 by Bishop Wayne T. Jackson and Dr. Beverly Y. Jackson, this 100% Black-owned and operated multi-platform network has been steadfast in its mission to uplift, educate, and entertain the Black community. As of February 28, 2024, Impact Network is making groundbreaking strides to enhance its offerings and solidify its position as a premier family-friendly lifestyle entertainment destination.

At its inception, Impact Network primarily focused on faith-based content, delivering sermons and talk shows from renowned spiritual leaders. This foundation was crucial in establishing the network’s commitment to the spiritual well-being of its audience. However, recognizing the evolving needs and interests of its viewers, Impact Network began a transformative journey in 2022 by diversifying its programming to include entertainment content. This pivot was not just a strategic move but a necessary evolution to serve the holistic needs of the Black community.

“Impact Network was designed to impact the whole being. We started by focusing on the spiritual wellness of viewers; now it’s time to bring a holistic approach to impact our audiences and community,” said Wayne T. Jackson, Founder and CEO. This holistic approach is at the heart of Impact Network’s new vision, which aims to provide family-friendly lifestyle entertainment that enriches, educates, and entertains.

Leading this ambitious expansion is Executive Vice President Royal W. Jackson, whose leadership and vision are driving the network’s growth and operations. “With over 500+ channels and streaming platforms, now more than ever, it’s essential to connect with what the core audience wants and needs. After 14 years of proven success, Impact Network is tailoring its content and brand to create an audience community and build tangible relationships with our viewers. We’re looking forward to super serving Black families and communities for decades to come,” Jackson stated.

This renewed focus on family-friendly content is not just about filling programming slots but about creating meaningful connections with viewers. Impact Network’s enhanced program strategy promises to inspire, improve, and positively impact its audience. This strategy includes a diverse slate of critically acclaimed movies, original films, scripted and non-scripted series, and engaging reality shows. For instance, the network features notable films such as “Betty & Coretta” starring Angela Bassett and Mary J. Blige, and “The Clark Sisters: First Ladies of Gospel” produced by Queen Latifah, Mary J. Blige, and Missy Elliott.

Impact Network is also making significant strides in unscripted content with shows like “You Bet Your Life” with Jay Leno and Kevin Eubanks, “25 Words or Less” with Meredith Vieira, and “Divorce Court.” Reality series like “The Jacksons: Next Generation” add to the eclectic mix, ensuring there is something for everyone.

Beyond entertainment, Impact Network is dedicated to addressing critical issues affecting the Black community through curated programming initiatives. For example, Black History Month has been rebranded as Black Hero Month, celebrating the Black heroic spirit throughout time. Upcoming initiatives include Women’s Celebration Month, Impact Health Month, Black Music Month, Juneteenth, and Black Business Month. These initiatives not only celebrate Black culture but also promote health, wellness, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship within the community.

Original content is another cornerstone of Impact Network’s growth. The network is developing and producing original films and series, including a ten-episode family series set for release in fall 2024 and an eight-episode non-scripted series showcasing women overcoming life’s obstacles. These original productions will not only enrich the network’s content library but also provide opportunities for local and national talent, leveraging Impact Studios in Detroit.

Impact Network’s commitment to its values-based roots is evident in its continued focus on gospel content through Impact Gospel, a FAST channel dedicated to gospel lifestyle and entertainment. This channel serves as a foundation for expanding the network’s streaming footprint while maintaining its core audience base.

The network’s expansion also presents new opportunities for advertisers. In its first year of commercial expansion, Impact Network secured nearly 20 national advertisers, including major brands like Verizon, Chase, and Walmart. By focusing on the Black family audience, Impact Network is becoming a prime destination for brands seeking to engage with unique Black audiences and fulfill their diversity commitments.

“It’s an exciting time for the Impact Network as we work to provide value to our viewers and advertisers and unveil the new vision for the network throughout the year,” said Royal Jackson. The future looks bright for Impact Network as it continues to empower, educate, and entertain the Black community, proving that with vision and commitment, a network can indeed make a profound impact.

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