Five things to keep you in alignment in 2020

Kristy Love is a mindset coach who wants you to have an exceptional 2020. As a TV host and international speaker, she’s helped thousands of people alter their mentality, increase their income, and become one with themselves. Now, she’s providing five tips to help people stay on their journey for the new year.

1. Get clear on what it is that you want:

So many of us are good at understanding what we don’t want. But now it’s time to focus on what you do want! Think about if you were finally in your dream home or dream car. What would that look like for you? Be as specific as possible. Write down all the feelings you get while visualizing.

2. Live it:

What would the version of myself look like if I already had my desires? Have you ever thought about this? Acting, thinking, and believing that it’s already done is how you become the best possible version of yourself. Embody the version of you that already has all their desires. This is one of the fastest ways to get yourself into alignment.

3. Get rid of limiting beliefs or doubts that you have about yourself:

In order to let this year, become your winning year, you need to let go of seeing your obstacles as the endpoint. Create a belief system around your goals and visualize yourself already in that winning state!

4. Become solution based:

A lot of us like to focus on the problem. Shift that mindset and focus on your solutions. Most of us focus on all the reasons why something won’t work that we don’t even open our minds up to the possibility of how it could work. For any problem or challenge you’re facing, don’t get wrapped in the problem, focus on finding the solution.

5. Take massive action:

For each goal that you have, create small steps so you can execute. Sometimes if you start off big, you’ll get overwhelmed by everything you have to do, but if you learn how to break these action steps down, you can execute them easily and effortlessly.

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