Ex-NBAer Eric Williams’ Secret Baby Momma Demands Child Support

Former NBA player Eric Williams (pictured), the estranged husband of Jennifer Williams (pictured below), who starred in the VH1 reality show hit “Basketball Wives,” is being sued by a woman who reportedly had a secret child with him while he was still married.  Now the jig is up, Jennifer knows about the child, and the baby momma wants the money, reports TMZ[1].

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At the center of the Williams’ baby momma drama is Tavia Serena Cannon who claims that the former small forward has been negligent in the financial support of his 8-month-old son (pictured below), Ex-NBAer Eric Williams’ Secret Baby Momma Demands Child Supportso she reportedly filed a Complaint for Support in Pennsylvania last week.

The Mom claims that she makes a meager salary of $300 a week in babysitting duties and needs to boost her earnings for her child’s sake.  She is also requesting that Williams cover the boy with medical insurance.

Sources allege that Jennifer, who was still married to Williams when the child was conceived, only found out about the boy after he was born.  Cannon, on the other hand, swears on a stack of bibles that she did not know that Williams was even married when they embarked on their lust thang (can anyone say, “Google!”).

eric williams baby mommaAt this point, the baby momma drama is rearing its ugly head and Jennifer has filed for divorce.


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