ESPN’s Skip Bayless condemned by own co-workers for still hating on LeBron James

As the sports world and the city of Cleveland celebrated LeBron James’ near-miraculous and unprecedented feat in winning a championship for the beleaguered and oft-condemned city by Lake Erie, Skip Bayless had the audacity to open the hole in the middle of his face to throw “shade” (unworthy criticism) at King James. It incited many of Bayless’ co-workers at ESPN to criticize and condemn him harshly as Bayless, the outgoing co-host of ESPN’s popular “First Take” talk show, to kick Bayless in the posterior as he walks out the door.
The walking Dumpster fire that is Bayless refused to congratulate James, despite being the best player on the floor and, for the first time in NBA history, leading all players on both teams in points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks over the seven-game series, and unanimously winning the NBA Finals MVP.
Instead, Bayless had this to say, which enraged his ESPN co-workers and other sportswriters:
skip bayless

ESPN co-workers of Bayless’ wasted no time destroying him and letting him know under no circumstances that they will not miss him as he heads to Fox Sports from ESPN. Take a look at Bayless’ coworkers drag Bayless all over the Internet, especially the esteemed Rich Eisen:


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