Detroit just met the New Donald Trump, and that could be a problem

TRUMPI don’t know how he did it, but he did it.

For all these months, the Republican establishment has been sweating bullets and praying like a soldier in a foxhole, desperately hoping against hope that somehow Trump would stop being Trump. And each time he would try his best, but then he  just couldn’t help himself. It was just so much more fun being his maniacal self.

But something happened in Detroit.

Keep in mind that, as ludicrous as it may sound, facts don’t matter here. Because fact-checking Trump can be a very long and  painful process. Plus, in the context of his campaign, facts don’t matter. Trump’s diehard supporters couldn’t care less if he’s lying, because he’s saying what they want to hear. The Republican establishment, the one that openly despised and ridiculed him for months until it became clear he was about to become their standard bearer, don’t particularly care either, so long as he manages to look and sound more presidential. Which means mouthing all the required Republican talking points while refraining from straying off message and picking needless, unwinnable fights.

Until today, Trump has never managed to pull this off, so there was no reason to believe he could pull it off this time either. But he did. Using Detroit and Michigan as his prime example of  how he believes Obama and Clinton have been bad for America, he proceeded to list his most detailed economic plan to date. Of course, compared to previous speeches that’s quite a low bar to hurdle. But the point remains that Trump, for once, must have listened to his handlers. He appeared more calm, more in control, and more knowledgeable.

And if he keeps it up? That makes him more dangerous than ever.



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