Chris Brown seeks Pres. Obama’s help to come back to the U.S.


First, there’s his up and down dealings with ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran. Then his house gets robbed. And the drama just keeps coming as Chris Brown finds himself stuck in the Phillipines and struggling to get out of the country.

So much so that the singer is pleading with President Barack Obama to help bring him back to the United States.

Breezy’s latest debacle stems from a situation with the Filipino government that’s been going on for some time. TMZ notes that the entertainer ended up being a no-show for a performance he was supposed to do on New Year’s Eve in Manilla. Adding to this is the fact that Brown apparently cashed the $1 million he was paid for the gig. Now, the concert’s promoter is demanding a refund.

As it turns out, talk of Brown leaving Manilla on Wednesday (July 22) was false as the government is stopping him from leaving. Although the vocalist returned to Manila this week for a concert, the government blocked his flight out as his plane was ready to take off from the runway, Wonderwall reports, adding that the government made Brown return as they investigate his no-show as a major theft in light of him taking the money he was paid.

All this leads to Breezy going on social media to send a signal to Obama for assistance.

“Please, please let us leave, please,” Brown pleaded in an Instagram video (captioned “OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”) that shows him playfully praying for some type of resolution to his dilemna as he backflips.

Brown’s detainment in Manila comes days after his Los Angeles-area home was robbed on July 15. According to reports, Brown and the police think the robbery was committed by several friends of the singer. News of the robbery garnered headlines as details surfaced about Brown’s aunt being held at gunpoint and forced into a closet by the bandanna-wearing robbers who ended up stealing money, jewelry and electronics from Brown. As a result, Brown is reportedly planning to have security with him 24/7.

Brown’s tribulations look to have taken its toll on him as he took to Instagram on Thursday (July 23) while cooped up in his hotel room in Manila admitting that he finally understands who he is in an expletive-filled message. In addition, the “Ayo” singer stated that he is “blessed” to “finally understand you don’t need anyone for anything except GOD!” as he went on to say that he’s been wasting too much time hanging out with bad people and sweating the small stuff.

Brown continued expressing himself while reposting an Instagram message which mentioned that he finally has gotten his act together as he he’s been at his best (or “realest) recently. The message, written by Brown’s friend Kid Red touched on the “Forever” showman losing “the person I thought I would be in my life for [a] long time, went from being friends with everybody to only f———- with a few & staying low key…”

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