Black-Owned and Community-Driven: The UPS Store – Midtown Detroit Opens Its Doors

(photo by: Leo Sage)

In the heart of Detroit’s vibrant Midtown, a new business has bloomed, driven by a potent mix of community spirit and entrepreneurial gumption. Tyree and Randi Williams are the dynamic duo behind The UPS Store – Midtown Detroit, and their journey to opening this franchise is as inspiring as the services they offer.

The pandemic, for all its challenges, served as an unlikely inspiration. “We were constantly at the UPS store,” Randi explains, “both for business and personal reasons. And we weren’t alone. It became clear that Midtown Detroit needed a convenient, local shipping hub.” This need, coupled with Tyree’s knack for identifying and solving community problems, sparked the idea. They saw an opportunity not just for personal growth but also for serving their neighborhood.

This venture, however, marks a slight shift from their previous businesses. “It’s not a change, but a diversification,” Randi clarifies. “The core remains the same – helping people, providing exceptional customer service, and being active community members.” This dedication shines through in the diverse range of services. The UPS Store offers packing and shipping, notary services, printing, passport photos, shredding, mailbox rentals, and more. They’re even happy to handle those pesky Amazon returns and cable box drop-offs.

But what truly sets this store apart is its ownership. In a landscape where representation matters, The UPS Store – Midtown Detroit stands out as a beacon of opportunity. “We are currently the only Black-owned store in Midtown Detroit,” Randi shares proudly. They are 50/50 partners, making this a true testament to the power of Black ownership and entrepreneurship.

For any aspiring Black woman or entrepreneur, Randi’s advice rings true: “Surround yourself with encouragers, not discouragers.” Seek mentorship, learn as much as you can, and build a network of valuable connections. Most importantly, “fight imposter syndrome and use your fears as fuel.” Remember, “there’s nothing to it, but to do it!”

The UPS Store – Midtown Detroit isn’t just a business; it’s a testament to the power of community spirit, entrepreneurial drive, and unwavering commitment. So, next time you find yourself needing shipping, notary services, or simply a friendly face, head to 4501 Woodward Ave, Ste 101B, and experience the warmth and efficiency of this inspiring local venture. You might just leave with a package in hand and a renewed sense of possibility in your heart.

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