BIPOCA: Fort Wayne’s Art Hub Empowering BIPOC Artists

(photo: Paintings from Seddy Driem / Airbrush & Acrylic on canvas)

Nestled in Fort Wayne, Indiana, BIPOCA has become a beacon for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) artists. Founded by Clydia Early, BIPOCA is more than just a gallery; it’s a nurturing space that empowers artists and celebrates their creativity.


“Every piece of art in here is by a BIPOC artist,” Early explains. “Mostly every piece is local. But I do have some people that are not local.” This commitment to showcasing diverse talent extends beyond geographical boundaries. Early even features international artists.


BIPOCA’s journey began two years ago, driven by Early’s desire to create a haven for BIPOC artists. She acknowledges the challenges they face, stating, “Artists of color, it’s hard for them to trust, especially in a gallery atmosphere. They’ve had so much taken from them.” To address this, BIPOCA fosters a reassuring and encouraging collaborative environment for artists.


“We help you price your pieces,” Early says. “I want you to see what the market is, right? And then we can negotiate with people from there.” This approach empowers artists to navigate the art world confidently.


However, BIPOCA’s support goes beyond financial guidance. “We supply the artists with workshops,” Early adds. These workshops range from “Creative meditating and marketing” to social media skills development. “It’s not just about metrics,” Early clarifies. It’s about solidifying who you are and getting on solid ground. Do you really want to be an artist?


This focus on personal and professional growth is central to BIPOCA’s mission. Early emphasizes, “Part of it’s not for profit incubator. The gallery is for profit because I need to sell their pieces and the gallery has to stay open and do the work. And so I raise money to keep it rolling and to incubate artists.”


BIPOCA stands out for its unique blend of artistic showcases, educational workshops, and entrepreneurial guidance. This comprehensive support system is fostering a thriving creative community in Fort Wayne. Early’s passion and dedication are evident, making BIPOCA a space where BIPOC artists can not only display their work but also flourish. 

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