Babyface Ray’s Heartfelt Gesture: 150 Pairs of New Balance Shoes for Boys & Girls Club of Southeastern Michigan Youth

Photo Caption: Babyface Ray and youth

Babyface Ray made a surprise heartfelt appearance at the Boys & Girls Club of Southeastern Michigan during the 3Cs Sports Conference amid NFL Draft at the Dick & Sandy Dauch Club location. The famous rapper is renowned for using his powerful platform to inspire and uplift his community, and his presence at the event was nothing short of motivational and enriching.

“I feel good about giving back because you never know what these kids are going through in their daily lives. To be able to come out, see the kids, and they meet me and see me in real life, and I’m actually helping to give back,” Babyface Ray said.

The surprises didn’t stop there as Babyface Ray went above and beyond by generously giving away tablets and bikes to the youth. He took the time to take pictures of all the youth receiving their gifts. Following the giveaway, Babyface Ray participated in a friendly competition racing cars on the Grand Prix miniature track activation. Grand Prix also had a life-sized race car onsite parked out front of the club for viewing and photo ops.

As local youth arrived and waited for the special guest, they were greeted with tech activations from The Bus Stops Here Foundation and WiFi on Wheels (W.O.W.) CyberBus is a program birthed by the Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh (HACP).

DJ Low Simmons created an electrifying atmosphere, filling the gymnasium with hype tunes, keeping the excitement and energy high while the families enjoyed the festivities together.

Angel Ayaer and many other parents watched their children have fun playing the tech activations provided by CODE313 and enjoy themselves during the event.

“It gives them something to do, like meet and experience different people. I’m actually excited because he (Babyface Ray) is giving back to the community. I used to be in the Boys and Girls club, and it was relaxed afterward because my older kids didn’t get a chance to experience many things my younger kids are getting ready to experience because of the Boys and Girls Club. So, I’m very excited for today’s event and what’s to come,” Ayaer said.

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