Detroit Metro Airport Hailed as Fifth Best Large U.S. Airport, Continues Legacy of Excellence

In a recent analysis by The Wall Street Journal, Detroit Metro Airport has been honored as the fifth best large airport in the United States, marking another accolade for the Detroit hub in a series of national recognitions. The Wall Street Journal’s evaluation focused on two primary aspects: reliability and value/convenience.

The reliability category, contributing significantly to Detroit Metro’s high ranking, is assessed through 10 data-driven metrics, each representing 5% of the total score. Key factors here include on-time flight percentages, taxi process efficiency, and security wait times, with data sourced from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics and the Transportation Security Administration.

On the other hand, the value/convenience category encompasses 20 subcategories, each with a 2.5% weighting. This section combines objective data like average domestic ticket fares and UberX costs to the city center with subjective survey responses on airport amenities such as restaurants, bathrooms, and lounges.

Detroit Metro’s stellar performance in reliability, where it ranked second only to Los Angeles International Airport, was a primary factor in its overall high ranking. It boasted impressive statistics, including over 82% on-time arrivals and departures, a quick average taxi-out time, and efficient security processing. However, it did face challenges with lengthy delays when disruptions occurred.

Conversely, Detroit Metro’s performance in the value/convenience category was less impressive, ranking 17th. This was influenced by factors such as high average domestic fares, limited nonstop destinations, and a market predominantly dominated by Delta Airlines.

Other areas impacting Detroit Metro’s ranking included its lounge facilities, amenities for parents and children, and the cost of an UberX ride to downtown Detroit. Despite these challenges, the airport’s high scores in key areas like airport layout, bathroom availability and cleanliness, and gate seating underscored its status as one of the nation’s leading travel centers.

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