MATURE: Where Legacy and Style Meets Community in the Heart of Detroit

Two Brother’s Journey to Create Confidence Through Clothing

Black men often find solace and support in spaces where they can truly be themselves and build their confidence. Similar to the therapeutic conversations that happen in places like barbershops, a new, inclusive sanctuary has emerged in the heart of Detroit’s New Center, offering men a boost of confidence in a Mature and empowering manner.

The lifestyle clothier MATURE stands out as a unique fashion destination, fueled by an inspiring backstory and an energy that is one-of-a-kind. Co-founded by brothers Darryl Humes Jr. and Koven Humes, it transcends the typical clothing store experience. MATURE embodies their family’s deep-seated passion for fashion, showcases their unwavering commitment to the community, and it serves as a portal to a world where style and self-expression reign supreme.

For Darryl and Koven, style runs deep in their blood, a legacy passed down from their late father, Darryl Humes Sr. From a young age, they recognized the importance of personal presentation, not as a superficial pursuit but as an extension of one’s identity and confidence. This profound understanding led to the birth of MATURE in 2017. After years of maintaining an online store and hosting pop-up shops, Darryl and Koven decided it was the perfect moment to craft a unique and personalized shopping experience of their own.

“The opening of this store means so much to our journey. We’ve been able to build not only the confidence in our clientele through styling, but have been able to carve our own lane in the retail world,” say Darryl and Koven. “We stand on the legacy of our late father, and will aim to elevate the lifestyle and make an impact on our community through fashion.”

MATURE stands as a demonstration of the brother’s unwavering dedication to their father’s vision, and it serves as a profound testament to their enduring brotherly connection. The store presents an artfully curated selection of ready-to-wear attire, complemented by tailored wedding and personal styling services. At its essence, MATURE is all about guiding men in crafting wardrobes that truly mirror their contemporary and self-assured identities.

At MATURE, their mission is to be your companion in life’s defining moments, elevating your personal style through an exceptional blend of contemporary casual and upscale fashion. Located at 3011 W. Grand Blvd. in a dedicated 900-square-foot space, MATURE provides a one-of-a-kind shopping experience and personalized styling consultations to ensure that every customer looks their absolute best for any event. More than just a store, MATURE embodies a lifestyle brand where clients place their trust in the carefully curated selections. It’s a place where the essence of Detroit and the warmth of community converge within the realm of fashion.

MATURE proudly represents the 163rd business to open its doors through the Motor City Match program, a transformative initiative made possible by the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation (DEGC). This impactful program has already provided a total of $15.7 million in grants, fostering the growth of various businesses in the city. What’s particularly remarkable is that 82 percent of the companies that received assistance through this program are owned by minorities, while 67 percent are owned by Detroit residents.

Kevin Johnson, the President & CEO of DEGC, emphasizes the organization’s commitment to inclusive development at all levels of Detroit’s economy.

“The DEGC drives inclusive development at every level of Detroit’s economy – from bringing a billion-dollar manufacturing investment to the city, to helping launch a neighborhood dental practice,” remarks Kevin Johnson, President & CEO. “Catalyzing development – turning one deal into hundreds of accessible opportunities – that’s what we do.”

The Humes brothers acknowledge the profound influence of their family and community. Their parents emphasized the importance of “service unto others” in their upbringing, which they have carried into their business. MATURE places a strong focus on customer experience and building relationships within the Detroit community.

Before becoming store owners, Darryl and Koven were inspired by their courageous grandmother, who owned a women’s clothing store in the heart of Detroit for over a decade. Her passion and dedication left an indelible mark on their hearts, and it’s a legacy they strive to uphold in their own way.

Additionally, they extend their gratitude to their clients and supporters. Entrepreneurship is a leap of faith, and their journey, which began nearly four years ago, wouldn’t have been possible without the unwavering loyalty and brand advocacy of those who believe in MATURE.

Darryl Humes Jr. and Koven Humes have effectively woven family, community, and style into the fabric of MATURE. It’s a store where fashion meets identity, where tradition meets innovation, and where Detroit’s past and future harmoniously coexist. As you grow in life, your wardrobe must compliment that growth, and MATURE is there to ensure you do it with style.

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