Ford’s Michigan Central Campus Launches $1.5 Million Scale Fund to Foster Innovation in Mobility

In an exciting development for Michigan’s burgeoning tech ecosystem, Michigan Central, Ford Motor Company’s innovative campus for mobility solutions, has unveiled its latest initiative: the Michigan Central Scale Fund. With a generous allocation of $1.5 million, this fund is poised to catalyze the growth of technology-based startups in the state, fortifying its reputation as a hub for innovation and economic resurgence.

Joshua Sirefman, CEO of Michigan Central, underscored the fund’s dual objectives, emphasizing its pivotal role in advancing technological frontiers and bolstering the local startup ecosystem. He articulated the mission, stating, “The Michigan Central Scale Fund has two key missions in not only helping advance important technological advancements but to keep startups in Michigan or draw them here.” This dynamic initiative not only fosters innovation but also actively contributes to Detroit’s renaissance as a beacon of innovation.

The Michigan Central Scale Fund intends to disburse funding ranging from $20,000 to $200,000 to promising startups that align with its thematic focus areas: mobility, materials, and energy. The evaluation process will take into account various criteria, including prior pilot activities, the sustainability of business models, and the potential to drive economic development within the region. This funding initiative provides a lifeline for startups with promising ideas, offering them the opportunity to scale their operations while contributing to the economic vitality of Michigan.

Crucially, the startups selected for the Scale Fund will benefit from the robust support and resources of Newlab, Michigan Central’s innovative startup ecosystem partner. This partnership ensures that Scale Fund recipients gain access to Newlab’s extensive network of entrepreneurs, talent, and catalysts, in addition to state-of-the-art amenities. By providing this comprehensive support system, Michigan Central aims to nurture startups and empower them to create disruptive technologies in the mobility sector.

In a momentous announcement, Michigan Central introduced its inaugural Scale Fund recipient: JustAir Solutions. Based within the Newlab ecosystem, JustAir Solutions received $33,000 in funding to expand its operations in Corktown and Southwest Detroit. The company’s mission is to provide critical air quality data to these communities, enhancing the quality of life and environmental awareness.

Situated within the restored Michigan Central Train Station, the sprawling 30-acre campus embodies a vision of collaboration and innovation. It serves as a nexus where people and companies can co-create a more sustainable and equitable future through community-based mobility solutions. As Detroit continues to build upon its rich history as a city that propels the world forward, Michigan Central and Newlab are driving transformative change by fostering a space for innovators to converge, collaborate, and propel lasting impact.

The Michigan Central Scale Fund is now accepting applications on a rolling basis, opening doors for startups eager to contribute to the region’s technological renaissance. To submit an application or learn more about this exciting opportunity, please visit: Michigan Central Scale Fund Application.

In the heart of Detroit, the Michigan Central Scale Fund is set to catalyze a wave of innovation, enabling startups to flourish while propelling the city and state forward on the global stage of technology and mobility solutions.

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