Join The Charles H. Wright Museum for Gomela/To Return: Movement of Our Mother Tongue

The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History is excited to extend an invitation to an extraordinary experience that transcends boundaries, cultures, and eras. On September 15th and 16th, the museum proudly presents the regional premiere of “Gomela/To Return: Movement of Our Mother Tongue,” a production by Junebug Production, at the Detroit School of the Arts. This remarkable event, under the direction of Stephanie McKee-Anderson and featuring the internationally renowned poet Sunni Patterson and the award-winning choreographer Kesha McKey, is a ceremonial voyage into the collective memory of the Black Experience.

In “Gomela/To Return,” an exploration of the intricate web of connections that unite African American culture across continents and generations unfolds. The production weaves a tapestry of history, resilience, and hope through various art forms, including spoken word, hip hop, jazz, and the rhythmic beats of drummer Jawara Simon. Together, this ensemble paints a vibrant portrait of African American reality, tracing its origins from Africa and Haiti to the American Midwest and South.

At its core, “Gomela” serves as a tribute to the strength and spirit of Black people, a celebration of their courage to not only endure but to thrive in the face of oppression. It vividly illustrates the journey of Black communities from New Orleans and beyond, emphasizing that the legacy of the past serves as the bedrock upon which they stand today.

This multidisciplinary presentation stands as a potent testament to the enduring power of storytelling within the African diaspora. It encourages diasporic communities to continue sharing their narratives, nurturing the bonds that unite them, and envisioning a future where their cultural heritage remains vibrant and unbroken.

“Gomela/To Return: Movement of Our Mother Tongue” isn’t just a performance; it’s an opportunity to immerse oneself in a living history, to become enveloped in the rhythms and narratives that have sculpted African American culture. It’s a moment to celebrate resilience, acknowledge the triumphs over adversity, and revel in the rich tapestry of voices that comprise this vibrant community.

Don’t let this exceptional and transformative experience pass you by. Experience this amazing production September 15th and 16th at the Detroit School of the Arts and become a part of a cultural celebration that defies the constraints of time and space. Tickets are available now; secure your place for an unforgettable evening of music, poetry, dance, and the shared stories of a resilient people.

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