Big Sean Credits Fatherhood and meditation as Inspirations for His New Music and Book

The closed-off area of the New Lab building is buzzing as the upbeat music from the DJ booth floods the space. It’s the opening night of Detroit’s on Now (DON) Weekend and a sneaker event is in full effect. Everyone is waiting in anticipation for the man behind the annual event to make his rounds. We are all waiting for Big Sean. He’s home, and he’s giving back, as usual.

Wearing a cream sleeveless shirt, creased slacks, and black boots, the Detroit native-turned-superstar sports a smile of excitement as he prepares for his interview. Greeting everyone with a hug or handshake, Big Sean makes sure his polite and comfortable demeanor infects everyone he encounters before he flops onto the big red couch with his legs stretched in front of him. He is right at home.

Although living in LA is his new normal, Big Sean ensures that he gives Detroit the love and support he felt as a creative youth navigating the intoxicating city not long ago. Now a successful musician and businessman, he is pushing a positive narrative to the youth in collaboration with the Boys and Girls Club with his annual community event, DON Weekend.

“It always feels good to be home,” said Big Sean. “This is the fifth year we’ve been doing DON Weekend and I see the vision and the future of it and I’m excited to expand it more and more. It trickles down to our families, our neighborhoods, our communities, to the city and beyond throughout the world.”

DON Weekend is more than just a celebration; it’s a platform that addresses critical issues. It empowers youth, offering inspiration, enlightenment, and opportunities to engage with creative outlets, educational resources, and mental health support. Meditation pods, for instance, provide a space for the youth to practice mindfulness and meditation—a practice Big Sean champions.

However, meditation isn’t the sole aspect that aligns with and empowers him. Fatherhood has taken center stage. A new role he embraced late last year after welcoming a baby boy, Noah Hasani, with his partner, singer Jhene Aiko.

“It’s incredible,” Big Sean said before taking a pause to gather his words. “I don’t know how else to describe it. I feel like he’s the best part of me and the best part of his mom. It’s not just us giving him all these things. He gives us so much too. He gives us that energy and that untapped, raw, beautiful, love. It’s beautiful and it’s fun. It’s draining but also energizing at the same time. It’s definitely my purpose for sure now.”

And this newfound purpose has ignited a creative push to make new music laced with a fresh sound and even talks of a new book.

“I’m writing a book, finishing my album, I’m doing all these things. My son definitely motivates me. Whenever I’m making something, I just keep him in mind and that’s good.”

Big Sean described his new music as “fun,” stating those who have heard it compare it to his earlier work.

Big Sean, in this chapter of his life, encapsulates the essence of authenticity and evolution. He’s an artist who is unafraid to let life’s experiences shape his creative expression. Through the prism of fatherhood, he’s not just telling his own story; he’s reminding us all that inspiration can be found in the everyday moments that define us. As his music reverberates with this newfound energy and insight, it’s clear that Big Sean’s artistic journey is set to leave an indelible mark on both his legacy and the hearts of his listeners.

Just as captivated by the arrival of his precious bundle of joy, Myra Anderson, Big Sean’s mother, expressed how embracing the role of a new grandmother has profoundly enriched her life.

“It feels good because grandkids are all the fun without the responsibility. Less stressful,” Anderson said with a laugh. “I love it. He [Big Sean] is really such a good father and I think it makes him appreciate his parents even more.”

It’s evident that Big Sean is basking in a beaming glow, radiating happiness and motivation that’s unmistakable. This newfound joy is undoubtedly poised to resonate powerfully in his upcoming music and literary endeavors but also within his advocacy. As he channels the profound emotions of fatherhood into his art, fans can eagerly anticipate a musical journey that mirrors his personal growth and transformation.




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